home alone

Now I’m completely alone in the house, except for the whole world, the internet. My sisters boyfriend with his mother took the train to denmark at 20:00 and i have been alone since that. I have been having various success with my setup of the different computers for the LAN. I succeeded in installing Arch at what is going to be the media computer, but i didn’t think of installing the wireless drivers, so right now I’m stuck unless i:
A; reinstall, boring, cowardly, but easy
B; move the computer and plug an ethernet cable, install the drivers and move it back, almost as boring and cowardly, but pretty tiring as i have a bunch of sofas in the way, and the BIOS resets every time i unplug the power cable, due to it not having any CMOS battery.
C; download the needed packages onto a USB-stick on my main computer, and install them on the media computer. That solution is cool, and easy, if anybody can point me out how to get the packages onto a USB.


While waiting for replies there i tried booting puppylinux at my fathers laptop and see if i could succeed in running DSN (damn small nexuiz) or the nexuiz remix at it, it all ended up with me failing at booting puppy from usb, trying to create boot floppys, failing, using a livecd, downloaded DSN from sourceforge, put it on my mp3, mounted in puppy, realizing the zip i got from sourceforge was empty, redownloading from a different mirror, putting the new zip file on the mp3, mounting in puppy and fail at launching it. :(
At least i learned more about boot floppys.
I failed at running DSN at my arch install at my main rig, and rebooted into ubuntu to see if it worked there, i didn’t reach the arch /home directory for some reason (it’s all on LVM) and had to reboot back to arch having done nothng in ubuntu.
Firefox failed at downloading the nexuiz remix, and I’m gonna wget it tomorrow and see if i can get that running on the computers.
Xrandr failed at outputting anything to a second lcd monitor (my lilbros, it pwns to be alone and in charge of every single computer equipment in the house) so I’m gonna shut down arch now, see if the bios is being output to that monitor, and see if it is arch or something hardware related that causes the problem. After that i will get up to my room and go to bed. I’m tired even though i have eaten quite a bit of sweets that the family got from my sisters boyfriends mom, and that they left for me =D
G’night, please leave a comment if reading so i can see if anybody reads this =P I disabled some stuff so you don’t need to enter a fake name and e-mail when commenting =d

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