Now at this moment I’m offline, and have been the latest hours. It feels weird :(
I had a friend come over, and he brought a long cable for the modem, so i could move it downstairs to where all the computers is. The problem is that somewhere in that process, i lost the internet! We have a provider called Bredbandsbolaget, The broadbandscompany, and for some reason we lose our internet a little now and then, might be as fast as we shutdown the modem for a longer time or simila, but it is only to call their helpdesk and ask them to restart some stuff. I’m home alone, as written in previous posts, and it’s my mother that’s written as the one ordering the internet, and in order to get help i need to enter the customers “personal-number”. Ofcourse it didn’t work to enter my own >_<. I sent an SMS to mom, asking for her number, but i haven’t got any answer yet, she is in America, some timezones away from me, so i hope i have gotten an answer tomorrow. If not i will go over to our neighbour and borrow their phone =P
Being without internet is weird, i cannot listen to the streams from, i cannot browse the web, i cannot play any network games, no upgrading arch, no downloading of anything. The music can be cured, i have a few gigabytes with music, even though I’ve listened to them all a bunch of times they’re still good. The web could be partially cured, in my firefox cache lay 80 tabs, so i got something to read. Instead of playing Tremulous and nexuiz i play Civilization at my lilbros’ windows partition, or Wesnoth at arch. Ofcourse i miss the kick i get from -Syuing my system :’(.
We had some problems with getting Damn Small Nexuiz running at my friends mothers computer, and my lilbros, and he thought that i may be because the default drivers in Ubuntu sucks! So we went and downloaded the proprietary drivers…not, no internet. -_-’
Finally he also came with a cable for my mediaserver, getting the Netgear reciever working was a little more trouble than what i felt for, so i could finally install the media stuff and see if my new sound card worked painless…not, no internet -_-’
I could try and get the dual monitor setup working again…not…or conky, i actually succeeded in launching conky, not that i failed last time i tried, but conky doesn’t like interacting with musca, as soon as i do anything as moving around windows, conky gets hidden. I tried launching it with the -o option, so it would use it’s own window, but that didn’t change anything. I couldn’t search the internet for help, so i read a bit of the manpage before i got bored.
It ended up with him sitting and learning Civilization, and me reading through a thread about copyrigt on the ubuntuforums. I have not been in the mood for reading the Python book, I’ ll post my first scripts as soon as i write them, not that it’s that fun to read hello world scripts, but well, at least i can fill the blog with something that’s almost related to arch, before Crouse takes it back. (Not that i think he will do it =P)
Before he came i had pretty fun at Civilization, i played at Deity (the third easiest), and i have never done that before, and i succeeded in getting a domination victory at a small level the year 2049, and the game ends at 2050, i would have won anyway but it was fun winning one of the “real” ways. After becoming dictator i decided to pollute the world, so i built factories and coal plant in every single city, and bombarded my own lands with ICBM’s. That was damn fun! =D
Bedtime, goodnight!

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