Back from 10-day camp

The reason i haven’t written much for a long time is partly because i have been gone much, and partly because i am lazy =P  Yesterday i came home from a camp called “Efterläger” in swedish, and it basically means “After-camp”. The reason it’s called that is because it is the year after the confirmation, and you can go back to the estate where you were confirmed last year. Stiftsgarden in Rattvik is a wonderful place so i went back there, and together with 10 others i helped running the estate by working in the kitchen and such.

As the Gecko edubook’s final units ain’t ready yet, i didn’t have any computer to bring with me, and so i had to live without the internet, but the days were filled with activities so i didn’t really miss it. I did borrow my leaders laptop once, and after fixing up her windows installation a little i plugged in my USB-stick with puppylinux, i haven’t bothered to get larch on it, but i forgot the one of my 4 sticks that had my passwords so i couldn’t check my e-mail or log in anywhere. The internet connection sucked mayor time so after surfing a bit on Slashdot i gave up and did other things instead.

When i got home i ran “y -Syu”, y being a alias for yaourt, and installed the new kernel together with some other things. I’ll reboot later to start running that one, and hopefully there’ll be no errors, i haven’t really had any problems with updating ever, but i guess that one day they will come and punish me for procrastinating my backups.

I’ve made it through the first part of my python book, ‘Learning Python’, from O’reilly books and have now started reading about strings and dictionaries after coding some ‘Hello world/Arch is the best’ scripts.

I have been up for soon 5 hours now, i got up at 5 and have now started my second attempt at the Everyman sleep schedule, last try failed as i catched a cold. I’ll take 30 minute naps at 11 and 19 and sleep from 01 to 05. I bet that will give me at least some time to read my Python book.

Gonna go down and build a Dice Tower out of LEGO(R) bricks now, and play RISK star wars edition with my lilbro.

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