fell asleep

Today i woke up at 5, eat breakfast, and fell asleep in a chair =( I think i slept for about 1 hour, so it’s not that bad, but i have to get myself going in the morning else i will fail with this sleep schedule.

The rest of the day went smooth, i fell asleep after 15 minutes at my 11:00 nap and slept between 18:15 and 18:45 in the car to my aunt, instead of sleeping at 19 as i should.

I’ve read through 300 chapters of  One piece at two days, and the white pages really hurt my eyes, i get red and really tired. I have to pause and do other things, either away from the comp or anything else at the comp, because everything else is in dark colors.

I finished the chapter of Python’s core data types at my aunt, but the book won’t let me code yet, i have already a todo list of what i want to program.

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