good day

Today i chose to wake up at 6 instead of 5, and that went quite good. I had to take one nap 30 minutes earlier due to social events but that worked out fine. I slept well at my 19 nap, but at my 11 nap i woke up after 11 minutes. Probably because my body got used to fall asleep after 20 minutes and sleep 10. But i fell asleep again so everything’s okay.

I’ve read up more about Integers and strings in my python book, soon finished with the second chapter in the second part.

It’s quite hard to blog about ArchLinux, it never needs maintenance, and everything works fine, and I’m too lazy to try to get my server working/get dual screen running/set up SSH so the only thing i can do is -Syu on, today there came a kernel upgrade, and a xorg upgrade. I will probablynot notice a thing as usual.

Arch Is The Best!!

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