Overslept as hell

Wow, seems like I’m the only one that’s writing every day. This will be the third post in a row on the first page O_o

Yesterdays kernel update went smooth, i thought the install would fail cause it did that yesterday, it complained something about no-dvorak, no clue why. But that didn’t happend yesterday, but i was too tired to let it finish updating so i opened up another terminal and told it to suspend after 30 mins. That seemed to work and i could check through the pacman output this morning. I wonder what happends if you suspend while it is updating.

Today there were no new updates at all! That made me a little sad.

I’m very bad at going up when my alarm clock tells me to, today my cellphone woke me up at 6, i turned it off and fell asleep again. My alarm clock started ringing at 7, i turned it off and fell asleep again. I woke up at 8:36, and then i went up. Today i helped my sister move, she’s moving away from home into an apartment. On the way there, the car trip takes about 2 hours, i slept in the car, i think a little bit more than 30 minutes. That were around 10, but as i knew i wouldn’t be able to sleep in her apartment i decided to sleep in the car instead. At 19 I almost wasn’t tired at all, due to me oversleeping, and after 15 minutes i had to go and do other things.

I now understand why everyone that have tried adjusting to a polyphasic sleep schedule says it is so bad to oversleep, you ain’t tired at the other naps of the day. Tomorrow i have decided to be a little nice and put the alarm clock at 7, I feel i will sleep over if I try to wake up at 5.

I realize now that it is way easier to try to adjust to different sleep schedules if you are living aloneĀ  and got no people that wants you to be at certain places at certain times. I got one comment on how I should eat lighter to make it easier to sleep little, but it’s not me that’s cooking the food (unless i really want to) so the only thing i can do is to eat less, and that’s harder than i thought, cause the food is so damn good. I cannot put my computer to play loud music at 5 in the morning to wake me up, cause i got my parents in the room next to me, and I’m quite often disturbed in my naps by my brother/sister/parents that want me to do various things. I put a paper on the freezer on when I’m sleeping so now they’ll hopefully leave me alone sometimes.

I read a bit more in my python book, finished the chapter about numbers.

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