Took apart my comp

The fans at my computer have been a little whiny as of late, there have been a high-pitched sound that have been hell of a disturbing. So today i decided to do something about it.
I had no idea which of the fans it was that made the sound, and i didn’t care to find out, so i cleaned all fans. I have a Dell Dimension 4600 and have 3 fans. One on the graphics card, one in the power supply and one for the case/cpu. Around and under the fan on the graphics card is a heatsink, and there is often a lot of dust there that can be pretty hard to remove, but if you carefully scrape it with a toothpick and then blow you can remove most of it. The Dirt on the casefan itself was removed with a dry Q-tip.

I even went to the extreme lengths of screwing apart my whole power supply, just for the sake of it, and it was damn dusty. After screwing, Q-tipping and toothpicking i had to go away for the day. When i came back in the evening i had big problems remembering which screws where were, and where all parts were. Now that the computer is up and running I’m pretty damn sure that not all screws are on the right place.

Today’s sleeping got fucked up. I slept until 7, had to go by car at around 9, so i slept in the car for about 1.5 hours. Then at the way home at 14 i slept another 1.5 hours, and didn’t have time to sleep at 19, so I’m actually damn tired now.

Today’s -Syu yielded a firefox update and some more stuff that i don’t know what they do, and a package or two that i think i should uninstall.

I realize that blogging is quite fun, i have pretty nobody to talk with about my interests, so blogging is perfect for me. But these blogs at is, well, made for talking about arch linux, so i will maybe try to get my server up and running and host my own blog there, but as i am the lazy person i am that won’t happend for a while.

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