I’ve had a friend at my house for two nights now, so this will be a sleep report for two and a half day. The wonderful thing with my friend, is that the first time i told him about the everyman sleep schedule, last time he visited me, he jumped right on the track and slept the time that i did. So this time it was the same.

05 august; 11:00 didn’t sleep, slumbered a little

19:00 didn’t sleep, but slumbered

01-07:30 the phone died so we weren’t awakened=overslept

06 august; 11; still couldn’t sleep

19, still couldn’t sleep more than a little slumber

01-05; slept the core as i should. I let my friend sleep to 6 as he asked.

07 august; 11:00 still cannot sleep! -_-’ We were disturbed after 10 minutes by his parents that came to pick him up.

This isn’t exactly good, but i have definitely slept too much, and that’s why i cannot nap. I slept a fully 2 hours at the day the 4th, and have slept longer than 5 for many days. My family will go to my grandparents, and i will visit my friend for a few days. We will be alone in the house so we can at least get the food at the correct times (like not at 19:00). I won’t blog anything there.

Haven’t read anything in my python book, and nothing new on the Arch front, will probably start doing something when i get back.

I’m gonna buy the Gecko Edubook, a fanless netbook driven by AA-batteries, and it will come in a few weeks. They haven’t started shipping it yet, when it comes I’ll tell about my adventures of installing Arch on it.

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