Started to like everyman

I’m beginning to feel at home with everyman, but it’s far from perfect. While i were at my friend we followed the scheme, and it went perfect the first few days. We overslept by 30 minutes on a nap, but i could understand that as it was after a great workout and a huge meal with lots of meat. But the last two days, yesterday morning and the morning before that we overslept. Because of my stupid cellphone, for some reason it refused to ring, and that fucked up the naps, we tried to nap the first day at the usual times, but i couldn’t sleep. The second day we woke too late to nap, like 10, and my cellphone didn’t tell me when it was time for the evening nap. So yesterday evening i realized that i had to take this on by force to get back, I went to bed one hour earlier, i simply couldn’t stay up to 1, and put my cellphone under my bed so i had to get out of my bed and lie on the floor to get it, and finally set my alarm clock to get off a little earlier than the phone.

That combo made me get up, and today have been perfect with the naps, except for that my family got the food ready right after 11, i ignored them and slept, and ate after them. They gotta learn not to disturb my naps =D

When i went to my friend i decided to leave my ipod, usb sticks and cables at home, the only thing i brought was the usb with my passwords. And didn’t it turn out that i needed them, one of the first things my friends mother asked me for was help with her ipod, and i realized that either her ipod or the cable was broken, but i had nothing with me so i couldn’t check them. We also had some problems with getting Maplestory onto an old computer to be able to play 2 persons at the same time and that would have been way easier with a big USB stick.

Right when i started writing i thought that i would have nothing to write about arch linux, and one second later moc silenced, like a wish from god xD. Too bad that the problem probably only were my internet connection that got some hickups. There was surprisingly few updates for having been so long since i updated, but a pacman update is better than nothing.

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