School starting in two days

School will start in two days, and that forces me to rethink my sleep schedule. I cannot sleep at 11:00 or anytime around that, unless i manage to find a lunchbreak i can collapse on the toilet on, so i have to move around the times.
I’ve got two alternatives, as the school will be from about 8 to ~15.
Have a nap at 7:00 and one nap when i get home at 15. That would force me to get to sleep at about 9 or 10, and go up at 1 or 2. That would probably feel very weird, cause i would wake up when everybody just got to sleep, forcing me to be quiet for 6 hours and not being able to watch the occasional movie with the family in the evening.
Have my core end at 7, and start at 3. That would give me a nap at 15 when i get home from school, and one at 21.
I decided to go with the second, as it doesn’t really have any big consequences. The only thing i would miss is the feeling to go up at 5 in the morning and go out and feel the fresh air.
So last night i moved my nap from 19 to 21, and that made me very tired. After 23 i had problems keeping my eyes open by the TV (i was too tired to sit by the computer), and i had no way of keeping myself awake until 3 unless i consumed a lot of coffe, and that would mess with the sleep, so i went to bed at 12 and slept to 7, getting a very long sleep but with that i took up some shortened naps from the earlier days, and made it possible to stay up to 3
I will now not go to bed until 14, and that will probably cause a drop in alertness around 11, but i will probably make it through that one.
The school will start at wednesday, and the first week will have almost no lessons and mostly activities for the classes to get to know eachother, so i don’t know when the school will end, and at worst i won’t get my schedule until next week so i can see when i end the day. I may be forced to move around the 15 nap, and i will see if it is possible to have the nap at different times different days.

My overall standing to these different schedules are very good, people might think that you get less time with friends and so, but i have gotten way more. Earlier i would sit by the computer 24/7 and almost only see my parents at dinner and such, but to sit at the computer 19 hours a day is a little too much and that makes me go downstairs and sit by the TV with them or go out in the garden and do some things.
With friends it is a totally different matter, the “gang” from the town i moved from 3 days ago meet up every now and then and play video games with eachother, and we were at the friend I visited earlier. Besides two guys disability to agree with eachother we had fun, and everybody jumped on a temporary Everyman schedule. Everybody was up and going at 5 in the morning the first day, and one of the guys said at 12, now the day should have ended for me in a normal day, but right now there is 9 more hours for us to play at.
The second day my friends failed at going up at 5, but i sat down and played some animal crossing and let them sleep to 6.

My mom came and asked me how i would sleep now when the school started, and i told her about my new times, and i promised both to her and myself that i would go back to normal, boring sleep if i couldn’t get it to work. If i don’t i will try to revive it at the next vacation, and i might even add another nap this winter, shortening the core and getting another 30 minutes a day.

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