I was right, i was hell of a tired around 11: tired, bored and restless. I didn’t feel for doing anything. But i ate some sandwiches and that made it less of a hell until lunch, and after that it was sleeping time. I slept really good, although i was still tired when it was time to get up. Probably because i slept about 32 minutes. I have prepared for a long night now, i took the bike and went for a ride, 6.5 km in 20 kph and bought some chips. That will hopefully keep me up until three, or at least 2.

After the ride i felt really refreshed, something i haven’t been for the whole summer, and i really was in a non-lazy mood. I really felt for fixing something with arch or python and ended up installing tremfusion, something i have thought of for a while. I also ROT13′d a qwerty keyboard =D

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