Slept 10 hours.

The latest 3 days i have been “kicked in” in my school. We have done various events in our class while the older students have been terrorizing us and sprayed water at us. It have overall been hell of a tired, and all of my class have slept way longer than what they are used to. And I’m not different.
The latest two days i haven’t gotten up at 21:30 after my evening nap, but continued sleeping until 7. My mother (who doesn’t like my sleep schedule the slightest) thinks that it is a “sign that i must sleep more” i almost yelled at her for the first in a long time that i knew how she felt and that i knew better myself how i feel.
But now the kick-in is ended, and I’ll try to sleep less again. It was damn stupid to change the times two days before school, i should have done it at least a week before.

My “home-teacher”, the teacher that’s in charge of our class is pretty nice. She is one of the teachers involved in my schools webpage, and i convinced her to let the class to one of the computer rooms to check the e-mail adress we got. She wasn’t late to ask me if i was interested in computers xD. She blogs daily and we have got to read the blogs in class. We were also to write a reply to her on paper, and there i mentioned my blog. That was yesterday so today she commented on my sleep, although she misunderstood most of it and probably didn’t read especially much she just thought i had problems to start going up early in the morning.
I commented on her blog and we’ll see if she’ll comment back =D

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