No netbook, but soon talisman.

“The CPU module is ready. I had thought this would be the slowest part. We actually have all of the electronics done. The issue is the bottom case. In order to make the units fanless, the bottom of the case had to be made from metal instead of plastic. The first metal mold wasn’t as good a fit as we wanted so the bottom was remolded. I am told that on the outside, 20 September is the ship date.

I know it is frustrating but we are not trying to just push out cheap junk. This will be a remarkable prouct when completed.

We are selling preproduction units with fans but it is really better to get the production units now that they are so close to being out.”

Was Michael Mbarnes response to my latest mail, and i really hope that the computer will live up to my expectations, else i will commit suicide or something like that. From the start they said june, now its late september.

The Reaper sold out in a few hours after it was restocked, so there ain’t gonna be any reaper for me, but Talisman and Talisman Dungeon is soon ready to be shipped, i cannot wait until they are here!

My graphics card died a few days ago, and after going to the stores and getting to know that i would be forced to pay about 200$ for a new one, because it’s a darn good AGP card, and those are out of date by now. I found a better card for 40$ at a local geek =D It’s an NVIDIA GeForce FX 5950 Ultra AGP, and it’s working to perfection after i found out which driver it was that i needed, thanks to our wonderful wiki.
Too bad that suspend stopped working, and as I’m an avid user of that I’m quite unhappy. Hopefully the forum guys will be able to help me with that.

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