Summary for Everyman

Now don’t get scared away. ;)
I recently slept on the everyman sleep schedule for almost a month, from july the 30th to august the 17th. And after that a failed attempt at changing the times for it to fit with school. I will now write some of my thoughts about sleeping like this and give some tips and tricks if anybody else would like to test it.

It all started with a mention of the uberman sleep schedule in the “You know you are a geek when” thread on Ubuntu forums. I googled it, and started to read about it. I found a lot of info, although much was several years old. There is a whole bunch of sites where you can read about it, and I won’t add links to them as probably a whole lot will disappear every now and then, and they are easy to find by googling for uberman.
I originally thought that i would wait with it until i turned 18, cause of all people warning about that your body might explode or similar if you do it before your body has finished growing. But my curiosity thrashed that.

After all that i went to Italy for two weeks, adopting their siesta and feeling how wonderful that was. Increasing my will to change my sleep schedule even more. After some more trips i were alone at home for a week, and i decided on the first day to start sleeping different. Going after a chart where one 30min nap==1h of sleep i went with a 4h core, from 1-5. And two naps at 11 and 19. From the beginning i planned to go 2-6 in the night, but realizing on the first night that i couldn’t possibly keep myself awake until 2 that night i went to bed at 1, and continued like that.
Having the naps at 11 and 19 was also quite useful, because that linked them together with eating times, so i ate directly after the 11 nap, and before the 19 nap. I didn’t start with the schedule right on, but rather gradually went into it. Started with sleeping to 7 for a few days, then 6, and at last 5. It took more than a week to get down to getting up 5 every morning.
When my parents came home they met my sleep schedule with mixed opinions, i didn’t tell them at first, and they didn’t really notice cause I’m always in my room by the computer, but I told them after a few days. My dad came to the conclusion that it certainly could work, but the thought that i would have to increase the core by an hour. My mom was, is and will probably always be against it to some degree, in the same way she doesn’t like that i sit by the computer all the time. She doesn’t sleep very well, and complained some times about being awaken at 5, but i fixed that by changing alarm tone. But for me it worked socially with my family, i even got more time with them due to that i didn’t really feel for sitting by the computer 18 hours a day. 19 hours awake minus the time during eating and such.
It was heaven to go up at 5, go out and take some fresh air in a dead city, and eat some light breakfast. Then to the computer and do something, then go down and eat breakfast with somebody else at 7/8. I usually have problems with enjoying breakfast right after gettin out of bed, but going up two hours earlier made it really enjoyable. I had a friend at my house for a few days, and he immediately jumped on the everyman train, but only temporary. When i later visited him we did the same. Playing Maplestory 19hours a day in a party of two made us level to lv 40 in a couple of days =D
But the summer vacation doesn’t last forever, and two days before school started i decided to try to continue with everyman, but i would have to change the times. I promised my parents and myself that i would stop if it interfered with school in any way. So two days before school i changed my times to 3-7, 15 and 21. It was damn hard to change it in two days, and the first days of school was filled with activities that made you tired like hell. That made me fail to get up at 21, and sleeping to 7. After a few days i gave up because all my orchestras on my free time made it very hard to get naps some days. But this isn’t the end to my sleeping adventures! I think it’s a great way of living, especially if you’re not a very social person like me =p. The next vacation, I will probably try to sleep less, and I will maybe try to make a school-suited schedule so i can continue with it when school starts again.

Tips, of course not all of these may work for you, but hopefully some.
*It is possible to gradually get used to a different sleep schedule, it will take longer time but you won’t be as much of a zombie.
*Try to put the times correct from the beginning.
*Listen to what your body says, you don’t have to follow it, but listening to it can guide you.
*You can do it before turning 18, one guy took the example of babies sleeping like this, but you have to be extra careful with what your body says.
*Have several alarm clocks, and preferrably far from your bed, or in my case under the bed, so you have to get out of bed to turn it off.

I have discussed this with my older brother, and when/if he gets a baby, he will follow it’s sleep schedule. Many parents complain that you cannot sleep as much with a baby, but babies sleep more than a grown-up…Go figure. I thought this was a great idea that I haven’t thought of, and just wanted to share it with you.

I would love to get comments on this, and i would love to hear about your failed/succeeded attempts on sleeping less.


  1. karol says:

    I know I’m a bit late to the party (i.e. this blog of yours) but here goes.
    You should be careful w/ polyphasic sleep, drugs etc., esp. at your age. You shouldn’t confuse more waking hours w/ higher productivity.
    You most likely will be alone when you’re awake in the middle of the night, what will you do then? Meditate, think deeply, undisturbed by the usual activities that happen around? Or maybe play games or watch porn? Chat with some friends from the other side of the globe? Feel scared and suicidal?
    Sleeping less than 5hrs/day is overkill for almost everybody. I believe you will be at a net loss when doing sth like that for a prolonged period of time.
    Can you function normally w/ 4hrs core sleep + 2 30 mins. naps? Can you solve puzzles, write code (logical thinking), play sports (reflex, agility), talk to other people or are you part time hyperactive, agitated and part time in a gawd-I’m-sooo-tired zombie-like fashion?

    One more thing: many people say they could do polyphasic sleep and other weird sh*t when they were in their late teens/early twenties, but they find it very hard to pull off once they’re in the 25+ group. So maybe it’s the best time to get the most of your body. Just remember: party hard, but party safe.

  2. hatten says:

    No problem with you being late ;)
    I’m as drugfree as you can be, no alcohole, caffein or anything. So careful with drugs am i definitely, with sleep, it may or may not be good for my health to sleep like i do, but the positive effects it brings to take a pause from everything and nap, like reducing stress, is in my meaning winning over the negatives.
    I get more time, but about as much productive hours, but i feel a lot calmer knowing i have time to do everything. Yeah, I’m kinda alone in the night, but after going polyphasic I’ve actually got more social with my family, ~20 hours at the comp is a little much, so nowadays i leave my cave every now and then, compared to before when i didn’t. Scared and suicidal? You gotta be joking me, if you knew me irl you would know how cheerful and crazy I am ;)
    I haven’t really adapted to polyphasic, due to me not being very strict, but eventhough I can do everything i would do normally, and when talking to my monophasic friends i sometimes realize that i sleep better than they do, some nights i sleep more than them!

    PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRTTTYYY!!!!! (In front of the computer, real parties got too loud music and lots of strangers)

  3. karol says:

    > Scared and suicidal? You gotta be joking me, if you knew me irl you would know how cheerful and crazy I am ;)
    Wanna stay that way? Don’t go more than 60 hours w/o sleep (I mean *absolutelly no sleep* – no naps, nothing).
    What will happen if you do? Halucinations, mild psychosis, quite a bit of stress.

    Some people (*cough* me included *cough*) found naps hard to pull off so they thought they can go w/o sleep and then take a long, nourishing rest (core sleep). Pattern “60 waking hours + 12 hours of sleep” seems fine – you get a fresh start after 3 days (72 hours).
    If you’re not into coffee you probably can’t go w/o sleep more than 20 hours, so the above situation is not likely :-)

    Pleasant dreams

  4. hatten says:

    Why the hell would i go 60 hours without sleep? I’m not stupid!
    You’re definitely overreacting, I like taking a break from what i am doing every few hours to relax.