Update at all fronts

I came across a mailing list for polyphasic sleepers, http://groups.google.com/group/polyphasic/ , and a forum, that’s soon to be more than a forum, http://forums.trypolyphasic.com/ , registered, and after 3 posts they brought up age limits =P
I’ll try to make it possible for me to post, while saying I’m 16, without being banned and have to re-register and lie about my age. There will be blogs at trypolyphasic too, sooner or later, so I’ll stop talking about everyman here. When i get a blog there i will posts here.

I got a present from my brother yesterday, a C++ programming book. He works at a bookstore and can have all half-broken books that’s going to be thrashed, but this one came from his time in school. It’s from 1998 and at swedish, it even got a floppy attached =P I’m sure it will be good when I decide it’s time to move on to C++.

The Python book is boring, and they told me in a thread at http://lxalliance.net that all programming books are like that, and that i should just start read their dedicated server scripts and get started. I’ll do that…someday =P

I’ve recently got a Casio GC9850FX plus (i think) and with my shallow C++ skills and some manual reading I’ve programmed a short text-based adventure on it. You start in a prison cell and the guard forgets to lock the door, you are faced with the destination to go out or wait for a better opportunity. If you stay you starve to death and if you go out you win the game. =P That took about 20 minutes, but I’ll probably add more the coming math lessons!

The Arch Linux front is as boring as ever, nothing ever breaks or anything. But i decided to download uzbl and i like it quite much. I just have to get down to business with the scripts some day to be able to start using it seriously. I had some problems with the XDG base directories but the #archlinux channel helped me.

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