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More failing with the netbook

Stupid GRUB cannot boot from ext4 -_-’

After trying to install Arch i586 to my netbook for several times i have to redo the whole thing now. First i had windows, then got an SD with wattos in the mail that i popped into the netbook. I have now borked that installation partly, i cannot connect to the internet, and are trying to install arch. My first try, with a .img file, failed, it were for i686. My second try failed, with a i586 .img. Error in the image. I have then tried installing directly to the card through wattos. Failed due to ubuntus (and it’s clones) and my own stupidity. I then tried installing to the card from my computer and realized just now that grub cannot boot from ext4 (that i had formatted the whole stick as). Damn. Gotta start over all again =p

New blog

Just in case somebody missed it, I’m blogging about polyphasic sleep at Cya there!