About me

I’m just a random Arch Linux user, driven by curiosity to explore the dark corners of my OS.

I started out my days as a computer user watching my bigger brother playing games on my mothers Windows 98, after a few years i played with him, and some years later he moved out. I sat with that computer for many years, and played games such as Civilization 3, Heroes 3 of might and magic: Armegeddons blade and Liero. I also played the violin due to my mother being a violin teacher.

I didn’t really do any special things with that computer, and my mother switched computer to an XP, i have no clue when. A few years ago i got my own computer at the age of 13/14. It was my uncle’s old XP, and i played games happily on that one until i got a bsod. I played the mmorpg Maplestory a little now and then, and for some reason Nexon incorporated big TV screens inside the game that advertised for the game itself, and for some reason i got a bsod as soon as i approached one of those screens, and when i logged in again i spawned where i logged off, near the screen. As it is quite impossible to avoid those screens i had to try and fix that. I did have some computer experience, and contacted the Nexon support, to no avail. They couldn’t help me, I got mad back then, but i understand now that they could do nothing to help me. I got two older brothers, and the one i had played games with is the one that’s less interested in computers, and he couldn’t help me. My other, even older brother did try to help me. First by phone, teaching me how to enter BIOS and check some settings, i was damn scared when i got in there alone, but that didn’t fix anything. My uncle couldn’t do a thing either.

So one day my oldest brother came to visit me after my pleading, and after some discussion about the alternatives we decided to reinstall windows. Somewhere in that conversation he mentioned linux, and i decided to give it a try. He’s not at all a linux guru, although he can use the command line and such, but he hadn’t installed linux for a while. So he spent ages defragmenting my harddrive, thinking that any file that was on the wrong side of the disk would go lost, and windows refused to move a few files. After a day or two of defragmenting we decided to hope for the best and ignore the last bytes on the wrong side of the disk, and he downloaded Gparted and Ubuntu 8.04. After he had partitioned and installed i was sold, i spent my first 30 minutes with ubuntu fiddling with the panels, and i had loads to do the following weeks. The windows partition was forgotten, and there was no reinstalling. I had forgotten maplestory.

…to be continued…

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