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I was right, i was hell of a tired around 11: tired, bored and restless. I didn’t feel for doing anything. But i ate some sandwiches and that made it less of a hell until lunch, and after that it was sleeping time. I slept really good, although i was still tired when it was time to get up. Probably because i slept about 32 minutes. I have prepared for a long night now, i took the bike and went for a ride, 6.5 km in 20 kph and bought some chips. That will hopefully keep me up until three, or at least 2.

After the ride i felt really refreshed, something i haven’t been for the whole summer, and i really was in a non-lazy mood. I really felt for fixing something with arch or python and ended up installing tremfusion, something i have thought of for a while. I also ROT13′d a qwerty keyboard =D

School starting in two days

School will start in two days, and that forces me to rethink my sleep schedule. I cannot sleep at 11:00 or anytime around that, unless i manage to find a lunchbreak i can collapse on the toilet on, so i have to move around the times.
I’ve got two alternatives, as the school will be from about 8 to ~15.
Have a nap at 7:00 and one nap when i get home at 15. That would force me to get to sleep at about 9 or 10, and go up at 1 or 2. That would probably feel very weird, cause i would wake up when everybody just got to sleep, forcing me to be quiet for 6 hours and not being able to watch the occasional movie with the family in the evening.
Have my core end at 7, and start at 3. That would give me a nap at 15 when i get home from school, and one at 21.
I decided to go with the second, as it doesn’t really have any big consequences. The only thing i would miss is the feeling to go up at 5 in the morning and go out and feel the fresh air.
So last night i moved my nap from 19 to 21, and that made me very tired. After 23 i had problems keeping my eyes open by the TV (i was too tired to sit by the computer), and i had no way of keeping myself awake until 3 unless i consumed a lot of coffe, and that would mess with the sleep, so i went to bed at 12 and slept to 7, getting a very long sleep but with that i took up some shortened naps from the earlier days, and made it possible to stay up to 3
I will now not go to bed until 14, and that will probably cause a drop in alertness around 11, but i will probably make it through that one.
The school will start at wednesday, and the first week will have almost no lessons and mostly activities for the classes to get to know eachother, so i don’t know when the school will end, and at worst i won’t get my schedule until next week so i can see when i end the day. I may be forced to move around the 15 nap, and i will see if it is possible to have the nap at different times different days.

My overall standing to these different schedules are very good, people might think that you get less time with friends and so, but i have gotten way more. Earlier i would sit by the computer 24/7 and almost only see my parents at dinner and such, but to sit at the computer 19 hours a day is a little too much and that makes me go downstairs and sit by the TV with them or go out in the garden and do some things.
With friends it is a totally different matter, the “gang” from the town i moved from 3 days ago meet up every now and then and play video games with eachother, and we were at the friend I visited earlier. Besides two guys disability to agree with eachother we had fun, and everybody jumped on a temporary Everyman schedule. Everybody was up and going at 5 in the morning the first day, and one of the guys said at 12, now the day should have ended for me in a normal day, but right now there is 9 more hours for us to play at.
The second day my friends failed at going up at 5, but i sat down and played some animal crossing and let them sleep to 6.

My mom came and asked me how i would sleep now when the school started, and i told her about my new times, and i promised both to her and myself that i would go back to normal, boring sleep if i couldn’t get it to work. If i don’t i will try to revive it at the next vacation, and i might even add another nap this winter, shortening the core and getting another 30 minutes a day.

Saving stream

I listen to streams from 24/7 when I’m at the computer, but my rockboxed Ipod haven’t got internet, only some sucky music I’ve grown tired of. So i decided to give it a try to save one of the streams, it turned out to be easy as hell.

I started searching the forums and got up this thread. I downloaded the program and learned by the readme that i needed an URL, not a .pls file as i have gotten from’s website. I didn’t find anything at google, so i asked the #archlinux channel. The resolution was easy, simply cat the file and copy the URL that’s in there >_<;;
Why does everything have to be so easy in archlinux?

About me page updated

I just updated my about me page with how my life as a geek started. More to come.

Started to like everyman

I’m beginning to feel at home with everyman, but it’s far from perfect. While i were at my friend we followed the scheme, and it went perfect the first few days. We overslept by 30 minutes on a nap, but i could understand that as it was after a great workout and a huge meal with lots of meat. But the last two days, yesterday morning and the morning before that we overslept. Because of my stupid cellphone, for some reason it refused to ring, and that fucked up the naps, we tried to nap the first day at the usual times, but i couldn’t sleep. The second day we woke too late to nap, like 10, and my cellphone didn’t tell me when it was time for the evening nap. So yesterday evening i realized that i had to take this on by force to get back, I went to bed one hour earlier, i simply couldn’t stay up to 1, and put my cellphone under my bed so i had to get out of my bed and lie on the floor to get it, and finally set my alarm clock to get off a little earlier than the phone.

That combo made me get up, and today have been perfect with the naps, except for that my family got the food ready right after 11, i ignored them and slept, and ate after them. They gotta learn not to disturb my naps =D

When i went to my friend i decided to leave my ipod, usb sticks and cables at home, the only thing i brought was the usb with my passwords. And didn’t it turn out that i needed them, one of the first things my friends mother asked me for was help with her ipod, and i realized that either her ipod or the cable was broken, but i had nothing with me so i couldn’t check them. We also had some problems with getting Maplestory onto an old computer to be able to play 2 persons at the same time and that would have been way easier with a big USB stick.

Right when i started writing i thought that i would have nothing to write about arch linux, and one second later moc silenced, like a wish from god xD. Too bad that the problem probably only were my internet connection that got some hickups. There was surprisingly few updates for having been so long since i updated, but a pacman update is better than nothing.


I’ve had a friend at my house for two nights now, so this will be a sleep report for two and a half day. The wonderful thing with my friend, is that the first time i told him about the everyman sleep schedule, last time he visited me, he jumped right on the track and slept the time that i did. So this time it was the same.

05 august; 11:00 didn’t sleep, slumbered a little

19:00 didn’t sleep, but slumbered

01-07:30 the phone died so we weren’t awakened=overslept

06 august; 11; still couldn’t sleep

19, still couldn’t sleep more than a little slumber

01-05; slept the core as i should. I let my friend sleep to 6 as he asked.

07 august; 11:00 still cannot sleep! -_-’ We were disturbed after 10 minutes by his parents that came to pick him up.

This isn’t exactly good, but i have definitely slept too much, and that’s why i cannot nap. I slept a fully 2 hours at the day the 4th, and have slept longer than 5 for many days. My family will go to my grandparents, and i will visit my friend for a few days. We will be alone in the house so we can at least get the food at the correct times (like not at 19:00). I won’t blog anything there.

Haven’t read anything in my python book, and nothing new on the Arch front, will probably start doing something when i get back.

I’m gonna buy the Gecko Edubook, a fanless netbook driven by AA-batteries, and it will come in a few weeks. They haven’t started shipping it yet, when it comes I’ll tell about my adventures of installing Arch on it.

Took apart my comp

The fans at my computer have been a little whiny as of late, there have been a high-pitched sound that have been hell of a disturbing. So today i decided to do something about it.
I had no idea which of the fans it was that made the sound, and i didn’t care to find out, so i cleaned all fans. I have a Dell Dimension 4600 and have 3 fans. One on the graphics card, one in the power supply and one for the case/cpu. Around and under the fan on the graphics card is a heatsink, and there is often a lot of dust there that can be pretty hard to remove, but if you carefully scrape it with a toothpick and then blow you can remove most of it. The Dirt on the casefan itself was removed with a dry Q-tip.

I even went to the extreme lengths of screwing apart my whole power supply, just for the sake of it, and it was damn dusty. After screwing, Q-tipping and toothpicking i had to go away for the day. When i came back in the evening i had big problems remembering which screws where were, and where all parts were. Now that the computer is up and running I’m pretty damn sure that not all screws are on the right place.

Today’s sleeping got fucked up. I slept until 7, had to go by car at around 9, so i slept in the car for about 1.5 hours. Then at the way home at 14 i slept another 1.5 hours, and didn’t have time to sleep at 19, so I’m actually damn tired now.

Today’s -Syu yielded a firefox update and some more stuff that i don’t know what they do, and a package or two that i think i should uninstall.

I realize that blogging is quite fun, i have pretty nobody to talk with about my interests, so blogging is perfect for me. But these blogs at is, well, made for talking about arch linux, so i will maybe try to get my server up and running and host my own blog there, but as i am the lazy person i am that won’t happend for a while.

Overslept as hell

Wow, seems like I’m the only one that’s writing every day. This will be the third post in a row on the first page O_o

Yesterdays kernel update went smooth, i thought the install would fail cause it did that yesterday, it complained something about no-dvorak, no clue why. But that didn’t happend yesterday, but i was too tired to let it finish updating so i opened up another terminal and told it to suspend after 30 mins. That seemed to work and i could check through the pacman output this morning. I wonder what happends if you suspend while it is updating.

Today there were no new updates at all! That made me a little sad.

I’m very bad at going up when my alarm clock tells me to, today my cellphone woke me up at 6, i turned it off and fell asleep again. My alarm clock started ringing at 7, i turned it off and fell asleep again. I woke up at 8:36, and then i went up. Today i helped my sister move, she’s moving away from home into an apartment. On the way there, the car trip takes about 2 hours, i slept in the car, i think a little bit more than 30 minutes. That were around 10, but as i knew i wouldn’t be able to sleep in her apartment i decided to sleep in the car instead. At 19 I almost wasn’t tired at all, due to me oversleeping, and after 15 minutes i had to go and do other things.

I now understand why everyone that have tried adjusting to a polyphasic sleep schedule says it is so bad to oversleep, you ain’t tired at the other naps of the day. Tomorrow i have decided to be a little nice and put the alarm clock at 7, I feel i will sleep over if I try to wake up at 5.

I realize now that it is way easier to try to adjust to different sleep schedules if you are living aloneĀ  and got no people that wants you to be at certain places at certain times. I got one comment on how I should eat lighter to make it easier to sleep little, but it’s not me that’s cooking the food (unless i really want to) so the only thing i can do is to eat less, and that’s harder than i thought, cause the food is so damn good. I cannot put my computer to play loud music at 5 in the morning to wake me up, cause i got my parents in the room next to me, and I’m quite often disturbed in my naps by my brother/sister/parents that want me to do various things. I put a paper on the freezer on when I’m sleeping so now they’ll hopefully leave me alone sometimes.

I read a bit more in my python book, finished the chapter about numbers.

good day

Today i chose to wake up at 6 instead of 5, and that went quite good. I had to take one nap 30 minutes earlier due to social events but that worked out fine. I slept well at my 19 nap, but at my 11 nap i woke up after 11 minutes. Probably because my body got used to fall asleep after 20 minutes and sleep 10. But i fell asleep again so everything’s okay.

I’ve read up more about Integers and strings in my python book, soon finished with the second chapter in the second part.

It’s quite hard to blog about ArchLinux, it never needs maintenance, and everything works fine, and I’m too lazy to try to get my server working/get dual screen running/set up SSH so the only thing i can do is -Syu on, today there came a kernel upgrade, and a xorg upgrade. I will probablynot notice a thing as usual.

Arch Is The Best!!


I did the worst thing you can do when adjusting to a polyphasic sleep schedule, i shut off both my cellphone and my alarm clock, half asleep, and continued to sleep for another 3.5 hours. So instead of waking up at 5:00 i woke up 08:36. Damn. That ruined the naps of that day, i couldn’t get to sleep until after 15 minutes at my 11 ‘o clock nap, and completely forgot my 19:00 nap. Damn. I’m almost finished with One Piece so after that I’ll maybe do something constructive.