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New blog

Just in case somebody missed it, I’m blogging about polyphasic sleep at Cya there!

Update at all fronts

I came across a mailing list for polyphasic sleepers, , and a forum, that’s soon to be more than a forum, , registered, and after 3 posts they brought up age limits =P
I’ll try to make it possible for me to post, while saying I’m 16, without being banned and have to re-register and lie about my age. There will be blogs at trypolyphasic too, sooner or later, so I’ll stop talking about everyman here. When i get a blog there i will posts here.

I got a present from my brother yesterday, a C++ programming book. He works at a bookstore and can have all half-broken books that’s going to be thrashed, but this one came from his time in school. It’s from 1998 and at swedish, it even got a floppy attached =P I’m sure it will be good when I decide it’s time to move on to C++.

The Python book is boring, and they told me in a thread at that all programming books are like that, and that i should just start read their dedicated server scripts and get started. I’ll do that…someday =P

I’ve recently got a Casio GC9850FX plus (i think) and with my shallow C++ skills and some manual reading I’ve programmed a short text-based adventure on it. You start in a prison cell and the guard forgets to lock the door, you are faced with the destination to go out or wait for a better opportunity. If you stay you starve to death and if you go out you win the game. =P That took about 20 minutes, but I’ll probably add more the coming math lessons!

The Arch Linux front is as boring as ever, nothing ever breaks or anything. But i decided to download uzbl and i like it quite much. I just have to get down to business with the scripts some day to be able to start using it seriously. I had some problems with the XDG base directories but the #archlinux channel helped me.

Summary for Everyman

Now don’t get scared away. ;)
I recently slept on the everyman sleep schedule for almost a month, from july the 30th to august the 17th. And after that a failed attempt at changing the times for it to fit with school. I will now write some of my thoughts about sleeping like this and give some tips and tricks if anybody else would like to test it.

It all started with a mention of the uberman sleep schedule in the “You know you are a geek when” thread on Ubuntu forums. I googled it, and started to read about it. I found a lot of info, although much was several years old. There is a whole bunch of sites where you can read about it, and I won’t add links to them as probably a whole lot will disappear every now and then, and they are easy to find by googling for uberman.
I originally thought that i would wait with it until i turned 18, cause of all people warning about that your body might explode or similar if you do it before your body has finished growing. But my curiosity thrashed that.

After all that i went to Italy for two weeks, adopting their siesta and feeling how wonderful that was. Increasing my will to change my sleep schedule even more. After some more trips i were alone at home for a week, and i decided on the first day to start sleeping different. Going after a chart where one 30min nap==1h of sleep i went with a 4h core, from 1-5. And two naps at 11 and 19. From the beginning i planned to go 2-6 in the night, but realizing on the first night that i couldn’t possibly keep myself awake until 2 that night i went to bed at 1, and continued like that.
Having the naps at 11 and 19 was also quite useful, because that linked them together with eating times, so i ate directly after the 11 nap, and before the 19 nap. I didn’t start with the schedule right on, but rather gradually went into it. Started with sleeping to 7 for a few days, then 6, and at last 5. It took more than a week to get down to getting up 5 every morning.
When my parents came home they met my sleep schedule with mixed opinions, i didn’t tell them at first, and they didn’t really notice cause I’m always in my room by the computer, but I told them after a few days. My dad came to the conclusion that it certainly could work, but the thought that i would have to increase the core by an hour. My mom was, is and will probably always be against it to some degree, in the same way she doesn’t like that i sit by the computer all the time. She doesn’t sleep very well, and complained some times about being awaken at 5, but i fixed that by changing alarm tone. But for me it worked socially with my family, i even got more time with them due to that i didn’t really feel for sitting by the computer 18 hours a day. 19 hours awake minus the time during eating and such.
It was heaven to go up at 5, go out and take some fresh air in a dead city, and eat some light breakfast. Then to the computer and do something, then go down and eat breakfast with somebody else at 7/8. I usually have problems with enjoying breakfast right after gettin out of bed, but going up two hours earlier made it really enjoyable. I had a friend at my house for a few days, and he immediately jumped on the everyman train, but only temporary. When i later visited him we did the same. Playing Maplestory 19hours a day in a party of two made us level to lv 40 in a couple of days =D
But the summer vacation doesn’t last forever, and two days before school started i decided to try to continue with everyman, but i would have to change the times. I promised my parents and myself that i would stop if it interfered with school in any way. So two days before school i changed my times to 3-7, 15 and 21. It was damn hard to change it in two days, and the first days of school was filled with activities that made you tired like hell. That made me fail to get up at 21, and sleeping to 7. After a few days i gave up because all my orchestras on my free time made it very hard to get naps some days. But this isn’t the end to my sleeping adventures! I think it’s a great way of living, especially if you’re not a very social person like me =p. The next vacation, I will probably try to sleep less, and I will maybe try to make a school-suited schedule so i can continue with it when school starts again.

Tips, of course not all of these may work for you, but hopefully some.
*It is possible to gradually get used to a different sleep schedule, it will take longer time but you won’t be as much of a zombie.
*Try to put the times correct from the beginning.
*Listen to what your body says, you don’t have to follow it, but listening to it can guide you.
*You can do it before turning 18, one guy took the example of babies sleeping like this, but you have to be extra careful with what your body says.
*Have several alarm clocks, and preferrably far from your bed, or in my case under the bed, so you have to get out of bed to turn it off.

I have discussed this with my older brother, and when/if he gets a baby, he will follow it’s sleep schedule. Many parents complain that you cannot sleep as much with a baby, but babies sleep more than a grown-up…Go figure. I thought this was a great idea that I haven’t thought of, and just wanted to share it with you.

I would love to get comments on this, and i would love to hear about your failed/succeeded attempts on sleeping less.

Stopped with everyman

I decided to stop with everyman, for two reasons:
1. I don’t really have very much power over my schedule, so it is quite hard some days to get a nap.
2. I never really got back to everyman after changing times, in order to adjust you have to be a zombie for a few days, and i cannot do that with school going on.
3. I play in a lot of orchestras, and they love moving around their times, sometimes causing me to not being able to take a nap.

I still like everyman very much, and i will probably go back to it the nearest holiday, i think it’s the perfect way to extend your holidays, and work/school days if you haven’t got too much activities after school.
I’ll hopefully pull my brain together and write some tips for people that wants to try everyman.

Still no netbook

Gaaah, there is still no sign of that my netbook have been shipped yet, the president of nohrtec told me that everything would be done the third week in august, too bad that half of the workdays in the third week of august already passed.
There is no sign that Talisman is back in stock either, i mailed them earlier and one guy said it would be back in stock the 13th, I fired off another mail now saying that was a week ago.

Tonight i slept 7 hours, just in case, because i didn’t want to be a zombie the first day of school. After seeing my schedule i have delayed my first nap to 15:30 and i slept very good today.

A pure hell

Today was pure hell, was tired from around 10 and it have been like that the rest of the day. I haven’t done almost anything at all. I also overslept my second nap but i cannot blame myself for that. As it is school tomorrow and i don’t wanna be tired i will go to bed earlier tonight. Either 1 or 2, depending on how tired i am.


I was right, i was hell of a tired around 11: tired, bored and restless. I didn’t feel for doing anything. But i ate some sandwiches and that made it less of a hell until lunch, and after that it was sleeping time. I slept really good, although i was still tired when it was time to get up. Probably because i slept about 32 minutes. I have prepared for a long night now, i took the bike and went for a ride, 6.5 km in 20 kph and bought some chips. That will hopefully keep me up until three, or at least 2.

After the ride i felt really refreshed, something i haven’t been for the whole summer, and i really was in a non-lazy mood. I really felt for fixing something with arch or python and ended up installing tremfusion, something i have thought of for a while. I also ROT13′d a qwerty keyboard =D

School starting in two days

School will start in two days, and that forces me to rethink my sleep schedule. I cannot sleep at 11:00 or anytime around that, unless i manage to find a lunchbreak i can collapse on the toilet on, so i have to move around the times.
I’ve got two alternatives, as the school will be from about 8 to ~15.
Have a nap at 7:00 and one nap when i get home at 15. That would force me to get to sleep at about 9 or 10, and go up at 1 or 2. That would probably feel very weird, cause i would wake up when everybody just got to sleep, forcing me to be quiet for 6 hours and not being able to watch the occasional movie with the family in the evening.
Have my core end at 7, and start at 3. That would give me a nap at 15 when i get home from school, and one at 21.
I decided to go with the second, as it doesn’t really have any big consequences. The only thing i would miss is the feeling to go up at 5 in the morning and go out and feel the fresh air.
So last night i moved my nap from 19 to 21, and that made me very tired. After 23 i had problems keeping my eyes open by the TV (i was too tired to sit by the computer), and i had no way of keeping myself awake until 3 unless i consumed a lot of coffe, and that would mess with the sleep, so i went to bed at 12 and slept to 7, getting a very long sleep but with that i took up some shortened naps from the earlier days, and made it possible to stay up to 3
I will now not go to bed until 14, and that will probably cause a drop in alertness around 11, but i will probably make it through that one.
The school will start at wednesday, and the first week will have almost no lessons and mostly activities for the classes to get to know eachother, so i don’t know when the school will end, and at worst i won’t get my schedule until next week so i can see when i end the day. I may be forced to move around the 15 nap, and i will see if it is possible to have the nap at different times different days.

My overall standing to these different schedules are very good, people might think that you get less time with friends and so, but i have gotten way more. Earlier i would sit by the computer 24/7 and almost only see my parents at dinner and such, but to sit at the computer 19 hours a day is a little too much and that makes me go downstairs and sit by the TV with them or go out in the garden and do some things.
With friends it is a totally different matter, the “gang” from the town i moved from 3 days ago meet up every now and then and play video games with eachother, and we were at the friend I visited earlier. Besides two guys disability to agree with eachother we had fun, and everybody jumped on a temporary Everyman schedule. Everybody was up and going at 5 in the morning the first day, and one of the guys said at 12, now the day should have ended for me in a normal day, but right now there is 9 more hours for us to play at.
The second day my friends failed at going up at 5, but i sat down and played some animal crossing and let them sleep to 6.

My mom came and asked me how i would sleep now when the school started, and i told her about my new times, and i promised both to her and myself that i would go back to normal, boring sleep if i couldn’t get it to work. If i don’t i will try to revive it at the next vacation, and i might even add another nap this winter, shortening the core and getting another 30 minutes a day.

Started to like everyman

I’m beginning to feel at home with everyman, but it’s far from perfect. While i were at my friend we followed the scheme, and it went perfect the first few days. We overslept by 30 minutes on a nap, but i could understand that as it was after a great workout and a huge meal with lots of meat. But the last two days, yesterday morning and the morning before that we overslept. Because of my stupid cellphone, for some reason it refused to ring, and that fucked up the naps, we tried to nap the first day at the usual times, but i couldn’t sleep. The second day we woke too late to nap, like 10, and my cellphone didn’t tell me when it was time for the evening nap. So yesterday evening i realized that i had to take this on by force to get back, I went to bed one hour earlier, i simply couldn’t stay up to 1, and put my cellphone under my bed so i had to get out of my bed and lie on the floor to get it, and finally set my alarm clock to get off a little earlier than the phone.

That combo made me get up, and today have been perfect with the naps, except for that my family got the food ready right after 11, i ignored them and slept, and ate after them. They gotta learn not to disturb my naps =D

When i went to my friend i decided to leave my ipod, usb sticks and cables at home, the only thing i brought was the usb with my passwords. And didn’t it turn out that i needed them, one of the first things my friends mother asked me for was help with her ipod, and i realized that either her ipod or the cable was broken, but i had nothing with me so i couldn’t check them. We also had some problems with getting Maplestory onto an old computer to be able to play 2 persons at the same time and that would have been way easier with a big USB stick.

Right when i started writing i thought that i would have nothing to write about arch linux, and one second later moc silenced, like a wish from god xD. Too bad that the problem probably only were my internet connection that got some hickups. There was surprisingly few updates for having been so long since i updated, but a pacman update is better than nothing.


I’ve had a friend at my house for two nights now, so this will be a sleep report for two and a half day. The wonderful thing with my friend, is that the first time i told him about the everyman sleep schedule, last time he visited me, he jumped right on the track and slept the time that i did. So this time it was the same.

05 august; 11:00 didn’t sleep, slumbered a little

19:00 didn’t sleep, but slumbered

01-07:30 the phone died so we weren’t awakened=overslept

06 august; 11; still couldn’t sleep

19, still couldn’t sleep more than a little slumber

01-05; slept the core as i should. I let my friend sleep to 6 as he asked.

07 august; 11:00 still cannot sleep! -_-’ We were disturbed after 10 minutes by his parents that came to pick him up.

This isn’t exactly good, but i have definitely slept too much, and that’s why i cannot nap. I slept a fully 2 hours at the day the 4th, and have slept longer than 5 for many days. My family will go to my grandparents, and i will visit my friend for a few days. We will be alone in the house so we can at least get the food at the correct times (like not at 19:00). I won’t blog anything there.

Haven’t read anything in my python book, and nothing new on the Arch front, will probably start doing something when i get back.

I’m gonna buy the Gecko Edubook, a fanless netbook driven by AA-batteries, and it will come in a few weeks. They haven’t started shipping it yet, when it comes I’ll tell about my adventures of installing Arch on it.