Back to awesome

I’m back using awesome. I think it’s a good choice for now. It seems to fit me pretty well. I have a floating tab, which I use for pidgin, sonata, and the occasional urxvtc for pacmanning/quick editing. I also have a tab for opera, tab for code (fair layout is awesome for that), and a tab for misc, which I was just using for gimp to change the colors on the sky background. I made a new theme, using arch colors, it looks pretty nice.

The systray is great to have, since I’ve really grown accustomed to always having one, and having one integrated works better 9/10 times you need one. Musca is great… but I think I’ll wait for it to mature a little more.

I don’t know why people complain about the config file…. I find it so easy to follow. I would love to learn lua, seems like it would come in handy for all these jobs I need to apply to.

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