New PC finally up

Well, I am finally done with my newest PC, and as always, Arch will be going on it. With 4-cores, it handles things pretty nicely. I am going to (as in 10 minutes from now) running an ethernet cord from upstairs into my basement where it will be. I am happy about this for two reasons:

  • I finally don’t have to use a wireless connection, so more network speed
  • I am probably going to use this as a server

The topic of a server brings me to my next point: What OS will I be using for hosting everything? Well, it is a little complicated what I plan to do with this computer. I am either going to use the same OS as a desktop and a server, or use two different ones. I am debating on using either FreeBSD or OpenBSD as a server OS, and I am leaning towards OpenBSD at the moment. I would basically use the desktop OS when I needed to and have the server running the rest of the time. I know, not the best idea, but hey, I can only buy so much.

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