Last Week in Arch, March 15-21, 2011

While we await approval in Rolling Release, here’s what went on in the world of your favorite Linux distro last week:

Latest News

wicd split in ‘wicd’ and ‘wicd-gtk’ – announcing a split of the wicd package in the official repository, so you don’t have to use the wicd-nogtk from AUR

Hot Forum Topics

How to find file duplicates only matching size, not md5
Arch Package Signing issue getting big on Reddit
So, FFmpeg has finally blown itself to pieces…

Unanswered Forum Topics

juk music player help needed
Dual Monitor Hook-up, DVI/VGA/HDMI?
Looking for opinions on daemontools vs runit.
Transparent Squid Proxy question
few questions about alsa and vlc
konsole fails to start

Interesting Packages

lshw – A small tool to provide detailed information on the hardware configuration of the machine
lshw-gtk – GTK GUI for lshw
fall-of-imiryn-svn – A classic role-playing style game of three aspiring young warriors.
fwfstab – graphical file system table (/etc/fstab) editor
redditaddictlite – track your karma in real-time.
ryzom_client_open – Free to Play MMORPG, This version is for Testing on open core(dev) server
rmlint – Tool to remove duplicates and other lint, being much faster than fdupes
silicon-empire-git – Set of tools to manage and organize your optical discs like CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays.
golang-hg – A compiler toolchain from Google for the Go programming language
g4l – G4L (Ghost 4 Linux) is a hard disk and partition imaging and cloning tool.
storybook – Open Source Novel Writing Software for Novelists, Authors and Creative Writers

Wiki Changes

Touchatag RFID Reader‎ – new page for this RFID Reader
Firewalls (Svenska) – Translation of the English firewall page to Swedish
Browser Plugins‎ – few updates about troubleshooting
PolicyKit – created page for this privilege controller
Keymap (Português)‎ – Portuguese Keymap page created
Pam mount‎ – pam_mount installation
User Madek has been very busy creating a bunch of new Spanish wiki page translations, including Xcompmgr (Español)‎, Xgl (Español), ATI (Español)‎, NVIDIA (Español) and Improve Pacman Performance (Español)‎,

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