Android adb problems

If you try to connect to an Android device in Eclipse and get a weird entry for your USB-connected hardware device that has a name that looks something like ‘?????????’, you’re not alone. I guess there is some kind of permission problem and there are a few ways you can find on the web, mostly having to do with a udev rule file. But I found the easiest fix was to just restart the adb server as root:

$ sudo adb kill-server
$ sudo adb start-server

Now when you connect to your device via the Run command, you have your standard device name. Not sure why it works, but I don’t have time right now to figure that out!

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  1. Nick says:

    I’ve noticed a little bit of acting up at times with my HTC Inspire being properly detected, but it seemed to go away with the udev-android-rules package from the aur. You should be able to find everything from the Sdk to the Eclipse plugin I’m the aur.

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