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Pacman info

I have really become addicted to using the -Qo flag of pacman. This is especially true with the various times I have had to do the painful /usr/lib move, as you need to figure out which package owns the files that are left in /lib. It’s pretty easy, really

$ pacman -Qo /usr/lib/
/usr/lib/ is owned by qt 4.8.2-3

Very nice. And, even better, I found out you can just omit the full path if it is an executable in your path:

$ pacman -Qo hostname
/usr/bin/hostname is owned by inetutils 1.9.1-4


/lib -> /usr/lib fiasco, more

I just updated an ArchBang VM I have and I ran into, once again, the:

News: The /lib directory becomes a symlink

debacle. Yes, it’s been awhile since I tried updating. My main machine actually updated without a problem (at least until the hard drive died). The “easy way” failed. The “hard way” failed. Finally I just did the verboten -f and broke everything.

But I’m glad to report that not only did the process mentioned below work, it completely cleaned up my VM and now we’re on the straight and narrow, vis-a-vis /usr/lib:

/lib exists in filesystem when installing testing/glibc 2.16.0-2 (Page 1) / [testing] Repo Forum / Arch Linux Forums.


Thanks to Allan McCrae’s blog post on his switch to systemd, I found out about the archlinux(7) man page, which is quite useful:

archlinux – basic configuration

Overview of the basic configuration of Arch Linux.

Arch Linux exposes the user to the system without hiding any details. This manpage
gives a brief overview of the configuration files that should be set up on a fresh

Give it a try!

Last Week in Arch Linux – March 1-8, 2011

While I await publication on Rolling Release, I’ll throw this out here on my blog:

Latest News

ArchServer RC3 – Release announcement for ArchServer redgum RC3
New Arch Schwag – New Arch Linux laptop bags, plus reduced price on older models and a sale on Arch Linux pens

Hot Forum Topics

Linux Survey – fill out a survey, get e data
In search of a truly innovative Desktop – interesting discussion on what makes a good desktop
flash isn’t working anymore – long discussion about broken Flash. Stupid Flash.
[Solved] Gnome 2.32 “About me” problems – problem with gnome-about-me solved
Sound not working for USB Headset – the always interesting “solving an audio problem” topic

Interesting Packages

oilrush – a real-time strategy game based on group control
python2-wikipedia-rewrite-svn – A rewrite of the Python Wikipedia Robot Framework
theide-svn – Modern IDE designed for developing large U++/C++ applications
apvlv – A PDF Viewer which behaves like Vim
blobwars – Platform action game featuring a variety of different weaponry and multiple objectives
cherrytree – A hierarchical note taking application featuring rich text and syntax highlighting
fatrat – QT4 based download manager with support for HTTP, FTP, SFTP, BitTorrent, rapidshare and more

Wiki Changes

Bash – PROMPT instructions, esp. vis-a-vis color
Lotus Notes in 32bit Chroot – installing Lotus Notes(!)
Pacman GUI FrontendsWakka added
Help:Editing (Italiano)‎ – ArchWiki tutorial page for Italian added
Getting Involved (Italiano) – getting involved in Arch, Italian-style, added

Arch Schwag

You want to financially support Arch Linux but noticed that the Donate page no longer has a way to accept donations? Well, have you bought any Arch Scwhag lately? That is probably the best way to throw money at the Arch project, while getting some cool stuff and advertising your Arch love, all at the same time.

Share photos on twitter with TwitpicShare photos on twitter with Twitpic
I bought a very nice t-shirt and coffee mug a few months ago, and am ordering some pens today. The t-shirt looks real nice and is big enough for my daughter to wear as a nightgown!

AUR – bootchart

Now this looks like a pretty cool package. Set bootchart up in your boot process and it tracks everything that happens. After you’ve logged in, you can run a utility that will generate a nice little chart, showing what and when for your boot up. There’s a very nice ArchWiki page for it (natch).

One caveat is that the project itself ( hasn’t been updated in like 5 years. But I guess if it works, it works. I’ll give it a try and post my picture here. Maybe I can then figure out why some daemons fail at startup…

AUR (en) – bootchart.


If you’re an Arch user, be sure to add yourself to the Google Earth ArchMap list! 2 easy steps:

  1. Find your address in Google Maps and right click on it. Select the “What’s Here” option and, in the address bar for Google Maps, you’ll see your decimal coordinates. Copy these.
  2. Edit the ArchMap/List wiki page and add those coordinates at the bottom. That’s it!



Because I had way too much else I was supposed to do, I decided to do none of it, and look into a way of aggregating all the blogs found here on into a “planet”-type page. On this page I wanted to show the latest posts from all the blogs here on

Searching the AUR on “rss” lead me to rawdog. A little long in the tooth, but there were a couple of options in the config that led me to believe it should work. But alas, the two “planet” options didn’t seem to do anything.

So I just happened to notice today that there is already a Planet Arch – did you know there was one? There’s a link on the right sidebar of the Arch Linux homepage for it. A little uneccessary spelunking (as there’s a Colophon section) by looking at the source code led me to the Planet Venus code. Actually, the Colophon is wrong, because Planet Arch doesn’t use the Planet Planet aggregator. The Planet Venus aggregator is a fork of the Planet 2.0 code. So I think I’m glad I just looked at the code for the page and found this at the top of the html:

<meta name="generator" content="" />

So here’s the result: Planet ArchLinux.Me

There’s very little tweaking of the asf theme, but hey, it’s a start. I sent along a note to Crouse to see if maybe he can run this off of the server, but in the meantime, I’ll just update the above page by hand for now.

Hey, you other bloggers – get busy already!

Yet Another Blog

I couldn’t resist. Thanks to crouse I have stated another blog. My love of writing combines with my Arch Linux fanboi tendencies to make having an blog too irresistable.

I’m not really sure what I’m going to do here. It will certainly be Arch Linux focused, but I’m not exactly sure how it will differ from my other blogs. I already have a “technical” blog (Daemon Dancing In The Dark) which I don’t update nearly enough. I have a Linux Tumblr (JD’s Linux Love) where I post little web snippets, because Tumblr’s bookmarklet is really powerful. I’ll probably at least funnel those posts to here.

Otherwise, I’ll keep it Arch focused here. Maybe I’ll post links to interesting forum topics, wiki pages, new software, announcements and the like. Consider it my Arch Linux messy drawer. You know, that drawer in your kitchen that seems to attract all manner of junk, that you keep meaning to clean out, yet always seems to have what you are looking for.