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Because I had way too much else I was supposed to do, I decided to do none of it, and look into a way of aggregating all the blogs found here on into a “planet”-type page. On this page I wanted to show the latest posts from all the blogs here on

Searching the AUR on “rss” lead me to rawdog. A little long in the tooth, but there were a couple of options in the config that led me to believe it should work. But alas, the two “planet” options didn’t seem to do anything.

So I just happened to notice today that there is already a Planet Arch – did you know there was one? There’s a link on the right sidebar of the Arch Linux homepage for it. A little uneccessary spelunking (as there’s a Colophon section) by looking at the source code led me to the Planet Venus code. Actually, the Colophon is wrong, because Planet Arch doesn’t use the Planet Planet aggregator. The Planet Venus aggregator is a fork of the Planet 2.0 code. So I think I’m glad I just looked at the code for the page and found this at the top of the html:

<meta name="generator" content="" />

So here’s the result: Planet ArchLinux.Me

There’s very little tweaking of the asf theme, but hey, it’s a start. I sent along a note to Crouse to see if maybe he can run this off of the server, but in the meantime, I’ll just update the above page by hand for now.

Hey, you other bloggers – get busy already!