Hello world!

Welcome to all of you other Arch User’s, who, like me, like to use one of the best OS’s in the world. This is my first post, and I’ve never blogged before, but I’ll try to keep up with this. As it says in my profile, I like Arch, I like doing Aquaponics (I moderate on an aquaponics forum), I sell Pure Strain Blue Tilapia for ponds or aquaponics/aquaculture – to raise for eating. I also like Bluegrass music, so I have an account at BluegrassCountry.org and Pandora with several “stations” so I can have lots of music to listen to while I’m on the computer.

Dave Crouse kinda got me into using Arch ….. he kept talking so much about how great Arch was, that I thought I’d try it. It isn’t supposed to be a newbie distro, but I know just enough to get myself in trouble very easily, so I followed the Beginner’s Guide on the Arch site and installed. I only had one minor difficulty, and when I asked about it on the Arch Forum, I was answered almost immediately ….. no RTFM, just an honest, straightforward answer. Nice forum, nice people ;) I don’t use Arch on my laptop, it just didn’t like this Dell, I guess, so I use DreamLinux on the lappy, with a Mepis backup. My Arch is on the desktop, and hasn’t been used in a while, but the reason I’m not using it is because I want to save all the stuff on the box, and the CD drive is crap. When I get the bucks for that, I’ll burn everything and see if the box is going to crash or not, it’s got hardware problems, I think. It’s been kinda iffy once in a while, so I don’t want to lose my stuff. I think I’ve got an old HDD around here, so I might just install that and see if I can save it to the other disk if nothing else ;) That’s all for today, like I said, I’m not really a blogger ;) Get Arch and improve your mind ;)