Still Blogging

Well, here I am, still able to blog ….. no one threw mud pies at me, (or cow pies :whew:), so I guess I survived the introduction. I still don’t ave much to blog about, Arch is good, and what else can a person say?? I could blog about my aquaponics system which has been failing by the numbers, but that would just bum you out, so I’m not saying a word …… I’ll just mind my own business and say nothing about aquaponics.

If you’re wanting to blog, just ask crouse, and I’m pretty sure that he can hook you up! He really doesn’t bite, you know! I’ve been using Arch for about a year now (not bad for a computer ignoramus, ehh), and the only trouble I have right now is that the desktop (Dell 4300) is flaky, so I’m preserving my Arch install without any upgrades until I get a CD-ROM rec0rder/player installed so I can do some backups …… then I can go back to using it full time. I wanted to get my Dell Optiplex GX260 running and put Arch on it, but I can’t figure out what’s wrong with it, so it just sits here like a lump …….


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