The best way to protect your passwords is…

… to change your password often. This is somewhat true, SVT (Sweden’s Television) was pointing this out today. The thing is, absolutely more can be done. In Sweden, every media (an lawyers and also the prosecutor obviously) thinks that everyone use Windows and that´s GNU/Linux doesn’t even exist. In the beginning of the clip they are talking about spyware software installed on the victims computer and that´s it´s important to change the password after someone has breaking up with theirs partners. They could have mentioned that in GNU/Linux it´s not that easy to install software without knowing the password for sudo/su. In Windows you only have to press yes to the question if you really want to install that software that the partner/whatever really do want.

And what about Facerape, they are talking about this to. Tell your browser not to save cache and cookies after you closed your browser. Crypt the .mozilla folder with tools like encfs and mount it when you need it so people don´t just need to start the browser, go to facebook and log in with the saved password and start to facerape you. It´s not that hard. AND use the master password feature Firefox has to offer. Then people would need to know the password to use the saved passwords.

They are also talking about saving passwords in a file on the computer, the computer the ex-partner also had got the chance to use. This was like giving the ex-partner the key to the apartment. This is also true. But in GNU/Linux you can crypt your passwords so your ex-partner/whatever use your computer can´t see the passwords in plain text. I´m sure you can do the same on Windows. But why don´t they mention that? The last thing they are saying is that the important thing is to use common sense. More and more people are falling victims for crimes where someone intrudes your privacy. Therefore common sense in this case will be to minimize the change to falling for this type of crimes. The lawyers and prosecutors does not succeed in that matter.

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