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Pantheon Shell on Arch Linux

This is a short post how to install Pantheon shell on Arch Linux. It´s based on information from the wiki and from the bbs Here is my yaourt -Qm output of packages I have installed from AUR:

local/appmenu-gtk2 12.10.3daily13.04.03-102 (unity)
local/appmenu-gtk3 12.10.3daily13.04.03-102 (unity)
local/aspell-sv 0.51-1
local/automake-1.11 1.11.5-5 (base-devel)
local/bamfdaemon 0.4.0daily13.04.03-102 (unity)
local/cairo-ubuntu 1.12.14-2
local/cerbere-bzr 42-1
local/elementary-gtk-theme4.0-bzr 53-1
local/elementary-icons-bzr 1105-1 (pantheon)
local/elementary-xfce-icons-git 0.3_4_g606a003-1
local/evemu 1.0.11daily13.02.20-103 (unity)1
local/fontconfig-ubuntu 2.10.2-4
local/gala-bzr 351-1 (pantheon)
local/gnome-control-center-git 20130320-1 (gnome)
local/granite-bzr 606-1
local/gtk2-ubuntu 2.24.17-103
local/gtk3-ubuntu 3.8.1-100
local/ido 12.10.3daily13.03.01-104 (unity)
local/indicator-applet 12.10.2daily13.03.01-104 (unity)
local/indicator-appmenu 13.01.0daily13.03.28-103 (unity)
local/indicator-bluetooth 0.0.6.daily13.02.19-104 (unity)
local/indicator-cpufreq 0.2.2-102 (unity-extra)
local/indicator-datetime 12.10.2-4
local/indicator-messages 12.10.6daily13.04.09-104 (unity)
local/indicator-pantheon-session-bzr 241-5
local/indicator-power 12.10.5-2
local/indicator-sound 12.10.2daily13.04.12-102 (unity)
local/libappindicator 12.10.1daily13.04.15-102 (unity)
local/libappindicator3 12.10.1daily13.04.15-102 (unity)
local/libbamf3 0.4.0daily13.04.03-102 (unity)
local/libcolumbus 0.4.0.daily13. (unity)
local/libdbusmenu 12.10.3daily13.02.01-105 (unity)
local/libdbusmenu-gtk2 12.10.3daily13.02.01-105 (unity)
local/libdbusmenu-gtk3 12.10.3daily13.02.01-105 (unity)
local/libindicate 12.10.1-105 (unity)
local/libindicator 12.10.2daily13.04.10-102 (unity)
local/libindicator3 12.10.2daily13.04.10-102 (unity)
local/libpantheon-bzr 23-1
local/libreoffice-faenza-mod 0.7.4i-3
local/libunity 6.90.2daily13.04.05-103 (unity)
local/libunity-misc 4.0.5daily13.02.26-104 (unity)
local/libunity-webapps 2.5.0.daily13.03.18-103 (unity)
local/lightdm-pantheon-greeter-bzr 170-1 (lightdm)
local/lightdm-webkit-greeter 0.1.2-6
local/ls++-git 20130311-1
local/mygtkmenu 1.3-6
local/noise-bzr 1522-1 (pantheon)
local/pantheon-files-bzr 1303-1 (pantheon)
local/pantheon-notify-bzr 27-1
local/pantheon-session-bzr 57-1
local/pantheon-terminal-bzr 456-1 (pantheon)
local/pantheon-wallpaper-bzr 34-1
local/perl-term-extendedcolor 0.224-1
local/plank-bzr 859-1 (pantheon)
local/preload 0.6.4-6
local/pychrom 2012-3
local/scratch-text-editor-bzr 1193-1
local/screenfetch-git 20130409-1
local/slingshot-launcher-bzr 373-1
local/switchboard-bzr 399-1
local/switchboard-plug-about-bzr 134-1
local/switchboard-plug-default-applications-bzr 64-1
local/switchboard-plug-pantheon-shell-bzr 171-1
local/toluapp 1.0.93-6
local/ttf-droid-sans-mono-slashed-glyphs-powerline 20121017-2
local/ttf-envy-code-r preview7-6
local/ttf-google-webfonts 130210-1
local/vala0.16 0.16.1-3
local/vte3-select-text 0.34.7-1
local/wingpanel-bzr 148-1


You will not need every packages, in fact you only need some of them. So first, get them.
Then, install SLIM and enable it. After that you should just have to modify your .xinit file, with this:


if [ -d /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.d ]; then
for f in /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.d/*; do
[ -x "$f" ] && . “$f”
unset f

gsettings-data-convert &
xdg-user-dirs-gtk-update &
/usr/lib/polkit-gnome/polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1 &
/usr/lib/gnome-settings-daemon/gnome-settings-daemon &
/usr/lib/gnome-user-share/gnome-user-share &
eval $(gnome-keyring-daemon –start –components=pkcs11,secrets,ssh,gpg)
cerbere &
exec gala

Some tips
Install elementary theme4 for a great theme! I can´t theme wingpanel by myself but right know I don´t need to because if this new theme. Yey!
Install this to be able to “extract files here” and stuff like that.
Set the wallpaper with this command : gsettings set org.pantheon.wallpaper picture-path “/path/to/wallpaper”
You will need some indicators. Grab indicator-datetime, and indicator-bluetooth and others indicators and install nm-applet-ubuntu and hope that it will work (it wont work for me). I think its from the Unity repo.
Read the thread and contribute if you can!

Pantheon och Arch linux

Jag har suttit ett tag och försökt fixa Pantheon på min Arch Linux installation. Det har gått över förväntan. Tyvärr funkar inte klockan som den ska (jag kan inte kompilera indicator-datetime). Jag kan rekommendera alla som är intresserade över utvecklingen att läsa denna tråd där jag och några andra gör vårt yttersta för att det skall fungera som det är tänkt. Det går framåt! När jag har fixat alla problem kommer jag utförligt att skriva hur jag har gått tillväga. Men redan nu kan du alltså leka runt.