SilverIRC Git!

SilverIRC now has it’s own public Git repository! You can view it by navigating to

The web interface you see is run by cgit, an awesome web frontend to git. :)

screenFetch featured in ALM!!1!

HOLY CRAP! screenFetch was featured in the April version of the ALM! :O

If you don’t know what the ALM is, it’s the Arch Linux Magazine. And it’s awesome. I keep up with it every month. And as I’m reading the April issue in evince, I come across “Another Screenshot Information Tool” with a section of praise from editors about how it could replace all the others. I just about fainted. I’m so excited! Maybe this will actually get its name out there for people to use! Yay!

If you want to read the issue:

screenFetch v1.7.9!

So, the latest version of screenFetch is officially out; it’s version 1.7.9. If you don’t know what screenFetch is, then you should. :D You can find information here and here. You can also check out the AUR page for some details.

This is only a minor update. I’ve added support for lighter backgrounds using the ‘-l’ flag, which basically just changes all white ascii logo to dark gray. The information text itself actually uses the default text color of your terminal. View the full changelog for more details!

I’m working on a function that detects the width of your terminal and truncates lines if they are longer than that width, as currently it will wrap to a new line, which completely breaks the ASCII logo. I’ll keep you updated.

The latest version of screenFetch can always be found HERE.

I can haz test post?

So, yeah. I’ve got my own Arch Linux blog now. Cool, huh. I’ll be using this for screenFetch updates, mpdnotify updates, and various other scripting/programming updates. Gotta find something to update…