How to view an MRI using ArchLinux

In my previous post I mentioned a knee injury and that I would like to be able to view my own MRI images on my desktop. After some googling and experimentation, I have done it.

To start off with, I’m going to mention that the images provided to me were in the DICOM format. It also appears there is a windows executable on the cd, possibly for viewing the images natively, but I didn’t check into that much so your mileage may vary if you choose that route. I managed to find a hardware¬†accelerated¬†OpenGL MRI viewer, however, it reads images in the NIfTI image format, so I had to convert. I used a program called dcm2nii to convert everything. It features a command line interface, as well as a GUI, I personally used the GUI with no issues.

After the conversion, I found myself with about 15 different images of varying resolution, angle and depth. Not being a doctor, I really had no idea what to look for in terms of diagnosing the injury. That really wasn’t my goal though. My goal was simply to see the inside of my knee, finding the injury myself would be a plus. On that hand, I think I may have found the spot on the meniscus that was torn, just bragging points if I got it right I suppose. Either way, it was still very cool to have a 3D image of my knee which I could freely move around, rotate or pull individual frames from. I highly recommend looking at your own MRIs if you have any. Just for the coolness factor of looking inside your own body.

The website which acted as a portal to all the MRI information I needed is on Chris Rorden’s web page. There are links to all of the software I mentioned as well as additional software and image format information. None of the programs I used are in the Arch Repositories or AUR, so I may package them at some point if there is a demand.

Chris Rorden’s Home


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