All my computer does anymore is fold proteins

The last month has been fairly painful for me. My leg currently sits wrapped in several layers of gauze with an immobilizer surrounding it all to keep me from moving it. This is because of the surgery I recently went through to repair a torn meniscus. For the last few days it has felt like there is hot lava pouring out of my leg through the incisions and my arms feel like they’re going to fall off from walking on crutches. But the worst (I think) is now over. I’m very thankful to say everything feels like it’s healing properly, I’m just waiting for the doctor to see it tomorrow and tell me exactly how long I’ll be like this.

Due to the fact that I cannot at all bend my left knee, it gets very painful to sit at my computer for more than about fifteen minutes at a time. About all that I’ve done on my computer recently is watch my computer bust out Folding@Home workunits and mess around with Google+.  I’ve also decided to move on from xmonad in search of something a little more casual. I’ve since fallen in love with Fluxbox & conky. I like the more casual approach to computing. It almost feels more fun. It almost feels more natural to size and place windows all over the desktop, as opposed to the tiling I’ve done over the last few months.

Aside from all of that, I’ve been thinking I want to get back into programming. I don’t really want to learn something new, just expand my current knowledge. I figure let’s go back to the basics, my first real interest in programming was with C++. I already have a great grasp over the basics and a decent understanding up to pointers and object oriented programming, so why not go for broke? I want to master C++ by the time I recover from this injury.

I’d like to ask you, reader, what are your favorite C++ programming resources? I would like to do some touch-ups to my basic skill set and then delve into more advanced articles and examples. Do you have any recommendations for projects, articles, chat rooms, anything? Does anyone have some words of wisdom for staying on track with projects? I’ve noticed in the past many times I would start off a project great and just burn-out or lose interest. How do you combat that?

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  1. Evaryont says:

    Personally, I found re-creating the std::string class incredibly enlightening, especially about friend functions, good memory management practices and learning CPPUnit. (To write test cases to make sure the code does what it’s supposed to do.) A fun exercise was also overloading all the functions in order to play nice with all other types. (In order to do “s/string/MyString/” in relatively big code bases and hope stuff still works.)

    Beyond that, I also liked learning and doing linked list implementation, but also making sure I don’t have any remaining null pointer references. (segfault, anyone?) Then after getting that down, make it templated. That’s fun. (Tip: `typename Foo::Bar` before functions means you can actually return a type that is a sub-class of another. Without `typename`, g++ barks at you.) After that, stop using pointers directly but instead learned boost’s shared_ptr semantics. Really different method compared to regular ol’ pointers, but I think my code is safer for using them. (At least they clean up after themselves now… >.<)

    These aren't particularly complex, I'm sure, but hopefully it's something for you to start on. :-)

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