I ripped out the network from booting

[This articles was written in 2010 when archlinux used its own configuration and init system and does not apply today]

I am sick and tired of the long time the network takes to initialise during boot, specially if it a wireless network I want to connect to. Now however I have had enough and I removed the net-profiles from my daemon array in /etc/rc.conf
I am much more satisfied with my system now. The boot time is minimal and it is so easy to simple choose amongst the various profiles I have as the needs requires.

During my travels with my laptop I have had many different kind of connections both wireless and through an ethernet cable. Getting to know the wireless network environment the laptop exists in is easy to do from the command line by using:

$ sudo iwlist eth0 scan

Of course you have to replace eth0 with the correct device for your system. The yielded information is a comprehensive list of all wireless networks and their configuration. Allowing you to create a profile by simply editing one of the templates available from /etc/network.d/examples with the correct information for your system and the wireless network to connect to and save it to /etc/network.d/ . To then connect to the wireless network you use:

$ sudo netcfg name_of_profile

Hopefully it will work but if not the netcfg daemon do print very clear error messages.

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