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Openbox, the desktop environment of my choice

Through the times I have been using Linux, I have tried numerous of window managers. At first back when Gnome was not what it is today I was mainly fascinated by Enlightenment, however it was always too bloated and sluggish for the computers I tried to use Enlightenment on 10 years or so ago. As distributions started to cater to the desktop users and Gnome became the standard desktop environment for the installations of a desktop Linux distribution, I naturally was using Gnome because I found it sufficient for all my desktop needs.

Granted the Gnome desktop environment with all its bells and whistle is great for many users. As I first installed Archlinux on my desktop computer, I did of course think I wanted all the bells and whistles that the Gnome desktop environment and Ubuntu had previously provided me. The installation of Gnome on Archlinux is a long and arduous task and in the end the experience will not match the one which Ubuntu will give you as Ubuntu provided their own added spice to the desktop environment that does not come as standard with Gnome.

Now I am using Openbox and I am glad I left my Gnome days behind me. Openbox is easily configured and very fast. I pieces together different Openbox themes I found around the internet and for my desktop environment I use nothing but openbox, no panels, no taskbar, no icons, no filemanager, it is just plain simplicity and I have yet again control over my desktop. The computer is faster then ever before, so simple to configure that even a newly initiated computing geek could do it and by moving away from the GUI in favour of using the command line through a terminal, accessing files and executing programs are easier and takes less time then ever before.