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Disclaimer: I pretend this to be a English/Spanish blog but as Spanish is my mother language and I’m still learning english expect to have a mix of a totally incorrect spanglish ^_^

Hi, the name’s Martín Cigorraga and I welcome you to my little corner in the intertubes at archlinux.me, a community blog kindly set up by @crouse.
Here you’ll find info, tips and clues for Arch Linux and its planet as well as some other things I enjoy -like surfing, science, books, movies, music, stand up comedy, etc.-, applications and technologies I use and things I’m curious about – like why some people does the impossible to believe that there’s an invisible man in the sky that loves them but hates them.

While there’re a lot of Arch Linux related distributions worth to check out I would like to name the few I’m especially interested:
Parabola GNU/Linux – Archlinux %100 Libre as stated by the Free Software Foundation
Arch Hurd – An attempt to make the FSF’s GNU/Hurd kernel work in an Arch way (nice, huh!?)
ArchServer – An attempt to make a stable and rock-solid ready for production Arch Linux server
ArchPwn – Your fully working swiss army knife for pentesting purpose
ArchBang – A lightweight Openbox-based Arch Linux system that aims to be a skinned but otherwise vanilla Arch Linux.
Arch Linux ARM – Arch Linux everywhere =)
Last, I taked this blog’s name from this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnBvfVJu8-U

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