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BufferMenu+: an enhanced BufferMenu for Emacs

I’m happy to announce my first contribution to the AUR in the form of a helper mode for Emacs.
BufferMenu+ brings some interesting features to the buffer-menu routine like adding a new “size” column, fancy colored columns (makes it easier to work with the buffer menu), the ability to sort buffers by any column criteria and the ability to choose the default column for sorting buffers among other interesting things.
More info here: AUR:emacs-buffmenu+
Special thanks goes to @falconindy for helping me get this working.

Time to relax

If you ever has surfed then there’s nothing much to say about this song – you will feel like if you’re sitting on your board enjoying a gentle splash and swaying while you wait for the next wave, living a magical moment.
If you never surfed before I’m confident you will too enjoy this song and I hope the feeling you’ll get from it will push you to grab a surfboard, hit the ocean and enjoy being alive.
Pura Vida Surfing!!!