myGtkMenu Dinamic Menu Generator

One thing I expect from an applications menu is being always synced with the apps I have installed. If I install some application(s), I expect it to be in the proper Menu Category just after installed.

That’s the reason why I wrote obmenugen (obmenugen project’s page at LaunchPad), and also the reason I modified the original (arcaic ;-D ) python script which was the prototype obmenugen evolved from.

I tweaked it a bit to generate, in a really basic fashion, without icons and with a fixed layout, a myGtkMenu file. What it does is (as obmenugen does) parse all .desktop file in /usr/share/applications/ and generate the menu using that information.

ASAP I will modify obmenugen to get a version of it, with all it’s current flexibility and functionality (you can see obmenugen features in it’s project page), but generating a menu file for myGtkMenu.

The key functionality of obmenugen is it’s ability to generate (in a really fast way) an up-to-date menu every time you call it (in this case, every time you right-clicked your Openbox root window [yeah, some people call it desktop]).

This way, one could have the same benefits, but using myGtkMenu, no matter where (called from a launcher in bmpanel2, as the desktop menu for a standalone compiz+emerald, or anywhere).

You can get the current (and temporary) python script for use it until I write and publish the modified version of obmenugen (or maybe a fork) in the announcement threat at Archlinux Forums

I hope you enjoy it.

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