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How cool is that?

Haha! I haven’t really understood how cmus works but it seems just to play cool music from my collection without needing me to choose it^^

I mean, when the playlist is over it will sometimes just continue to play and it’s always something I like. This is going to be a big facepalm when I realize the reason for it I think. Bbut right now it’s just magic, hrhr.

Seems to rock away MPD for me. Still not sure. I’m just checking out different players. Actually I couldn’t figure out how to let MPD access folders in my home(runnin as its own user). Had it working before but with an own folder in /var and loved it so far. So don’t see this as hidden MPD bashing ;) ID3 editing rules in MPD!


Since I’m using vimprobable for the most part of browsing and I want to use Tor for everything, that doesn’t need lots of bandwidth I’ve been looking for a nice solution to start vimprobable with and without Proxy enabled.

Since it uses the http_proxy variable for this I tried to set a shortcut in wmiirc to start vimprobable in Tor mode which wouldn’t work since wmii tries to execute each part of ‘http_proxy=”″ vimprobable’.

So I set up two small scripts in /usr/bin and called them vimpossible and vimpossible2.

It’s just

  • #!/bin/bash
  • export http_proxy=”″
  • vimprobable $1

nothing fancy :) Now I can start vimprobable using tor just by using the ‘vimpossible’ command.

Need to find a way to nicely paste code here…


First I wanted my first entry to be nagging about my wireless but well, wouldn’t be such a nice way to start out.

So I decided to rather start out with my system :)

I’m running Arch on a HP Compaq nc2400 kind of subnotebook which actually runs out of the box without any problems (except for my wifi¬† problem which is to follow).

Lately the Arch community and all of its maniacs for CLI applications and tiling WMs have taken over all of what I am doing voluntarily on my computer so I spend much time on looking for nice and fast solutions for everything. Actually the only thing I still do via GUI is browsing the internet. And even that recently got a cut-down since I have decided to use newsbeuter for my frequently visited news-pages.

Well now,¬† so what I’m running is:

  • WM: wmii (wmii-hg from AUR)
  • Terminal: urxvt (-d/-c) –> screen and dvtm as multiplexers
  • Browser: vimprobable/firefox (only where vimprobable fails)/links
  • Media: mplayer, vlc for broken files
  • OpenOffice for homeworks (to be replaced by LaTeX)

I could go on there but I consider these the ones where I am more or less fixed at this point of time. I wanted to add vim for an editor but I thought it’d fit better in this comment. Uuuh, I should stick to small posts about cool stuff :D

For wmii I am using the almost stock dash script as wmiirc. Since I lack any profound programming knowledge this is where I can still do the most. I might give python a try in the future though.

Uhm… Well wasn’t this interesting?

Well, for the future this blog is supposed to be a way to publish my configuration issues nice new discoveries (like xcalib, yeah!) and wireless issues grr! So nothing fancy. But since many times I am looking for a very particular problem a small blog like this saves my day so this is my contibution :D