Since I’m using vimprobable for the most part of browsing and I want to use Tor for everything, that doesn’t need lots of bandwidth I’ve been looking for a nice solution to start vimprobable with and without Proxy enabled.

Since it uses the http_proxy variable for this I tried to set a shortcut in wmiirc to start vimprobable in Tor mode which wouldn’t work since wmii tries to execute each part of ‘http_proxy=”″ vimprobable’.

So I set up two small scripts in /usr/bin and called them vimpossible and vimpossible2.

It’s just

  • #!/bin/bash
  • export http_proxy=”″
  • vimprobable $1

nothing fancy :) Now I can start vimprobable using tor just by using the ‘vimpossible’ command.

Need to find a way to nicely paste code here…


  1. twoface says:

    Why not just use alias?

    alias vimpossible=’export HTTP_PROXY=”″ vimprobable”
    alias vimpossible2=’vimprobable’

    Or whatever vimpossible2 does :)

  2. panuh says:

    Hum… You’re right :D

    I was convinced of having had problems with this method, though. I tried it without export before but also that seems to work. (Update: The problems were with dmenu. It doesn’t support aliases afaik)

    I should check if I can get dmenu to source my bashrc (because it doesn’t right now). Actually this would be the main problem. But I guess my solution is really obsolete :D

    Thanks for leaving the first comment here!

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