Hide floating layer in wmii

I noticed a nice standard feature in wmii some days ago, that is that the floating layer doesn’t HAVE to be on top.

Since I don’t use it so frequently I never considered it an issue that I couldn’t do it but now it’s nice. Sometimes it’s practical to have a transparent floating terminal window over the browsing window. At least on a 12″ widescreen it is.

I think this is not mentioned in the manpage but it’s standard at least in wmii-hg with tha bash config.

What you have to do is use the shortcut for maximization (Mod-m) on the floating window. This will also effect all other floating windows with the same tag to disappear so that only one will show up. In the upper right of the shown window will be it’s number and the amount of windows in floating mode. When you switch to the managed layer they will all disappear.

Btw. I’ll switch to the ruby port soon, probably. I’ve chosen it to be the first language to actually learn and thereby exceed my very basic knowledge from school. Which is also some time ago…

I hope this will be a nice and smooth way to get into Ruby and programming itself.

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