Wireless solved!

Okay, so I had this problem with my Wireless device (Intel 3945ABG) which now has a nice workaround which I like to consider a solution :D

Actually it’s just about two things: Using wicd and adding a pre-connection script to remove and add the iwl3945 Module. Precautions as I am I also added a line to remove a dhcpcd lease. So that would be:

  • rm /var/lib/dhcpcd/dhcpcd-wlan0.lease
  • modprobe -r iwl3945
  • modprobe iwl3945

Put that in /etc/wicd/scripts/preconnect, don’t forget to make it executable et voilĂ !
It would have been nice to find a solution for netcfg though. I’m so happy with my autoconnect in wicd right now that I will leave it like that but when I’m used to it I’ll have a look into netcfg again. Probably it has a similar script function, too. I just don’t know it and I didn’t look for it.

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