Sakura Irssi Fix

I’ve been playing around with some terminal emulators this evening whereby I also tried Sakura.

I’ve been using rxvt-unicode for a while now and one thing that I still miss is being able to scroll via keyboard. On my search for the right combination I ended up trying different …oh, I’m repeating myself.

Well, as I tried sakura, which is a nice, plain client based on vte and gtk, i came across the problem that irssi wouldn’t respond to any Alt+n keypresses to change the window. Turned out this was because sakura has tab-management which is controlled by those keys.

So I asked Scroogle and it showed me the way to Virtual Disaster where a fix was posted. Actually it was just about removing those lines of code responsible for the shortcut.

Since the named Entry is from 2007 some things have changed of course. The lines I had to remove in Version 2.3.8 were 354-356:

  • if (topage <= npages)
  • gtk_notebook_set_current_page(GTK_NOTEBOOK(sakura.notebook), topage);
  • return TRUE;

Remove them, make, make install, et voilĂ ! Sakura without the bugging Alt Keybinding.

I haven’t really tried it beyond this point. As I realized I don’t have the possibility to draw a selection block (instead if lines) what I’m used to from urxvt, I switched back. Maybe xterm or aterm can do it.

I also tried Eterm, which made a nice impression, too. But it seemed like you can’t turn off the menu bar. So I let it be. Yet, this was the first time I messed with code. Maybe I can also remove the bar from Eterm… hmmm…

Good, but if there is anyone with the sakura+irssi problem out there, I hope I could help.

P.S.: Sorry I still haven’t looked for some html snippet to paste code more eye-friendly.

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