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pm-suspend broken? disable tpm_tis

Recently I had problems suspending my Compaq nc2400 due to an update of the kernel (26.6.37).

Following this I could avoid the problem by blacklisting the kernel module tpm_tis. For blacklisting modules, add them to the MODULES-line in /etc/rc.conf with a prepending exclamation mark to disable:

MODULES=(… !tpm_tis)

The removal seems to have no negative impact on my system whatsoever.  rmmod tpm_tis didn’t do the trick after running pm-suspend with the module loaded. I had to reboot.

tpm_tis is some kind of  a workaround module for the intel tpm (Trusted Platform Module). I did not know about tpm (a quick scroogle on “use tpm with linux” will tell more). I wonder if it makes sense to use it. i’ll try to check it out.