edict2 Quiz I

I have been working on some Japanese learning tools using edict2.

The first thing I want to write is a quiz for multi-kanji words. A bit like the Slime Forest demo, with small groups of questions at a time.

For making a quiz the convenient thing about multi-kanji words is that you can categorize by starting kanji. For 2 kanji words the biggest group has 475 members.

I tested for a while with a small quiz in Bash and it worked quite well. For example:

$ ./kanjiquiz 亜
:: GROUP 1/3 ::
Pronounce 亜群
: agun
    Correct! It means
    (n) subgroup
Pronounce 亜聖
: asei
    Correct! It means
    (n) sage of the second order
Pronounce 亜族
    No, it should be azoku
Pronounce 亜鈴
: ?
    亜 {Asia} {rank next} {come after} {-ous}
    鈴 {small bell} {buzzer}
    arei - /(n) dumbbell/
Pronounce 亜流

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