Music Player I

I wrote an mpd client once. It’s called pyampc and it’s in C.C.

I still use it but I edited it a lot since the last update to suite my needs. So it’s become too idiosyncratic to post updates on. The source code is also a real mess and it doesn’t look very good and the usage is a bit bad.

So I plan to write a new mpd client. Maybe even a non-mpd music player… I like the idea of ordering your entire music collection to symlinks in one large directory. But this will give lots of other problems.

What I have in mind for improving/rewriting pyampc is again an album/artist list and track list, and keeping it to just that. Having as few features as possible. Maybe even have the playlist creation separate.

Pyampc was pretty idiosyncratic from the start and I doubt anyone else has used it. I’d like to change that for this application, and I’m actually not sure if a real minimal application is the right way to go.

Another thing that has concerned me is that for this and pyfmii I didn’t exactly make a nice UI that you expect from ncurses/slang applications like mc. Ncurses can look really good but I’ve been too lazy to try that.

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