Roguelikes II

For the gameplay of the roguelike I am thinking of x-com 3.

What I like about x-com 3 is that the maps are really good. I played it recently and found it really boring though, actually I don’t think I ever finished a game of it without cheating. But I think it could work with a faster pacing and smoother squad operations.

I really hate the scifi setting. I like Urban Terror with just rifles.

I have to give multiplayer some thought. I can’t write a story or campaign or AI, and the (nonsensical) gameplay modes of UrT are fun and exciting.

So actually I am leaning more towards ‘UrT with squads’.

Outside of gameplay it will be exactly like UrT.

The gameplay itself will be like x-com but without any RPG elements. Characters are only different from their (free) gear and HP. I am also thinking of removing all chance in combat.

So without the twitch based gameplay from FPS, and without RPG elements, the only thing to set you apart is squad based management and ability to complete the objective (will probably just be bomb mode, CTF doesn’t make sense with a small squad).

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