edict2 Quiz II

I found an interesting site: Kanji Damage

I want to try to make a quiz for the juukugo and verbs on this site. I have not inspected it carefully, but from the slightly chaotic nature it looks like it won’t be easy to get all the information automatically.

What I will try to make is a quiz like this:

Q: I extinguish or erase it.
A: wo kesu
(The reverse would be impossible)

Q: を消す
A: wo kesu

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3 Responses to edict2 Quiz II

  1. Med Berdai says:

    I’m happy I found your blog :)

    and I’m sorry this is unrelated to this post but the blog’s feeds aren’t working!

  2. Med Berdai says:

    It’s working Thanks :)

  3. karol says:

    I’m not sure they’re working – at least I can’t get them :(

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