Here is what I am planning on doing / have done recently:

Games: As a kid I played a lot of a computer racing board game series on the MSX called Rune Master.

Take a look at a gameplay video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQrN54c9Yy0

Both easy to play and program. So that’s something I want to try.

I haven’t ever seen a racing board game for the PC either.

File Managers: I am really satisfied with KingBash. Sometimes I’m still thinking of rewriting it in Bash. I tried it before but I got stumped on a complex Pythonic regex.

One feature that would be nice is a second column that shows a preview (including listing directories) just like Ranger.

The biggest problem with that is that Ranger has a really nice threaded system (I think…) where it will load the data in the background and you can continue browsing without having to wait for something you don’t want to see.

Mplayer wrapper: I would like to be able to see subtitles more easily in the console window. They show up with msglevel=ass=6, but I’m thinking of a cool ncurses UI. It would work like this: mplayer file.mkv | while read -n 1 ch; do … and then rewrite the statusline and only let through ass/subtitle.

Very low priority.

Something else I would like to see is the translator comments. mplayer hides them without an option to show them! They do show up in the console stream. Maybe just highlighting them or “notifying” them up would be nice to have.

Japanese learning: I wrote KanPeke and made a thread about it. I posted about an Anki deck too. But actually, I haven’t used either in months.

I started translating the light novel Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi, but stopped after page 18. The Japanese in it was too hard. Really long sentences and tricky words (e.g. hineru used in six instances most with a different meaning from each other, so it’s poetic I guess it’d be called).

Now I’m translating the manga Morita-san wa Mukuchi. I’m at page 85 already! It’s so much fun. And it’s all high school girls talking about daily life (no eloquent narrator).

I often have to draw kanji into ATOK’s kanjipad to identify them, often the same over and over, it’s not the best way to learn kanji. You have to think a lot of how to translate J->E, now when I then hear things in anime that I have translated I become very aware about it.

Actually, I think that that extra bit of awareness, even if it’s just for a few sentences, is really important. If you take for example the audio courses Pimsleur, Michel Thomas or Rocket Japanese, you are encouraged to weeaboo-it-up and talk Japanese. When I used grammar myself, I could follow the Japanese in anime much better. Same for the words I used while listening to those courses. Though the material they use does not occur that often in anime (IIRC).

So maybe I should try writing an E->J learning program?

Morita-san wa Mukuchi: Anyway, I am now almost 75% in to Morita-san volume 1. After that I have to add the text to the RAW.

I’m a noob at both tasks. This might not end well.

A few days ago I noticed J-Yutanpo have done chapter 1, but they decided not to continue: http://pokoteng.wordpress.com/2011/04/03/our-new-project-is/

Their chapter 1 already showed me two errors I made. Not too bad I guess (I’m improving). I’m just glad that so far I got through the sentences that had me stuck for hours. For example with Ookami-san I just could not figure out some sentences at all. That was very depressing.

The tools I use now are the above-mentioned ATOK and standard Windows programs (Wordpad and Picture and Fax Viewer) under VirtualBox. It all kind of depends on ATOK, I just picked the best IME I could find, though I’m not that satisfied with it (Because I’m doing something unusual like copying texts). I never really tried Linux IMEs. I used to like tegaki-recognize but I will have to reevaluate that now that I have used ATOK’s kanjipad.

And it also depends on what program I will use for adding the text to the images. Gimp, photoshop or paint.net? I haven’t ever used the last two, but I will give them a try.

So… that means I have to use Windows for this task.

But… I did post before about making my own IME using radicals. And I came up with a simple way to draw kanji in Kanpeke. I really want to give it a try, but I don’t know how to bring it all together yet.

When Morita-san wa Mukuchi volume 1 is done I’ll post about it here.

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