Fullscreen IME preview

I have made a small start to the IME.

What I would like to have is a “fullscreen IME”. So a stand alone application and not something that has to link in to another process’s text input system.

That way it can have a lot of features, even an entire text editor.

Here is a preview. It needs kakasi-cvs for converting hiragana to katakana (such a shame it can’t do romaji->hiragana), mecab for finding words, and an edict2.utf file for finding kanji.

Here is the script for getting the edict family of dictionaries:

Example invocation (hayanyuu is what I think I’ll call the fullscreen IME)
Copy choice to clipboard:
./hayanyuu | xsel -i
Entry for xbindkeys or a WM keybinding:
urxvt -e ‘hayanyuu | xsel -i’

Start typing romaji. Some things will start popping up:
Romaji: what you are typing
F1/Hiragana: entire sentence in hiragana
F2/Katakana: entire sentence in katakana
F3: per mecab divided noun or verb looked up.
F4-F10: alternatives to F3 (not implemented yet)

Type the Function key and it will echo the result to stdout (the menu is written to stderr) so you can pipe it to other processes.

Lots of bugs in F3 right now. It will just pick the first result and only return the base of verbs. Some Xterm/tmux controls might be off.

A day after my previous update was I able to contact J-Yutanpo and give them my Morita-san translations. Very exciting. I’m glad that it’s in more capable hands now, both in terms of fixing my translations and the cleaning / typesetting which I have been saved of. For now, at least, I may not be so lucky with the next thing I work on.

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