Small updates


I will post new versions of Hayanyuu on the forums:

So far it’s just fixing the UI. It can search English meaning too now.


I’ve made a small .cue reader / player. It’s not interactive. You have to control it with “cueplayer COMMAND”. Session information is stored in ./session. **/* is used to find .cue sheets so run it in the right directory. (outdated)

It’s not even close to finished. It was interesting working with mplayer -slave mode. I’m not sure if I’m using it correctly though.


Whenever I post about a game idea, it’s just to forget about it. As for playing games, I haven’t continued with De Ja much. There were quite a few good English VN releases, so I’ve been busy with that.


I wasn’t able to find help with Yumihari. I have 2.5 chapters done. I think I’ll post it in volumes. I haven’t worked on it in the last two weeks, because I felt more like translating other stuff.

system monitor

I’ve written another system monitor. My previous one was a graph with gnuplot (it’s in community contributions). Now it’s just a small table. It has one more bug I’ve been too lazy to fix and then I’ll post it somewhere. Probably in “Handy command line…”

Here it is anyway: (outdated)

It has three colums: current | lowest last minute | highest last minute

TIMER is shown for certain sleep commands like sleep 1m or sleep 1h.

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  1. procyon says:

    I posted the cue player in “Post your Handy…”

  2. procyon says:

    Posted the system monitor too now.

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